Somatheeram Research Institute And Ayurveda Hospital

Somatheeram Research Institute And Ayurveda Hospital
Luxury Ayurveda Hospital
India / Kerala / Kovalam

Somatheeram stands as the "World's First Ayurveda Resort," established in 1985 by Mr. Baby Mathew, leading the way for an "Ayurveda Hospital in a Resort Ambiance." With five deluxe Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala and Houseboats in its backwaters, it holds a cherished reputation.
Somatheeram is situated in a hillside location, offering direct beach access and stunning panoramic views over the Malabar coast, while over 200 different Ayurvedic medicinal plants thrive abundantly in the gardens.
Set in the serene locale of Chowara Beach in Trivandrum, Kerala, this 15-acre beachfront property provides a peaceful haven for authentic Ayurvedic therapy and Yoga in beautiful gardens. It specializes in Rejuvenation therapy, Panchakarma/Detoxification/Body purification, and other clinical treatments, all guided by a team of skilled Ayurvedic Doctors (Vaidyas) using traditional methods.
Somatheeram's Ayurvedic treatments draw global visitors annually due to their proven healing effects. The Hospital, known for its exceptional care and peaceful environment, preserves the essence of traditional healing values, enhanced by the tranquility of the Kerala beachfront. The resort provides an authentic Ayurvedic experience, complete with Yoga, meditation, 24-hour room service, and cultural entertainment.

  •    Wheel Chair Assistance
  •    Sustainable Property
  •    Smoking Free Zone
  •    NABH
  •    Ayur Diamond
  •    Garden
  •    Sea View
  •    Beach View
  •    Private Beach
  •    Outdoor Dining Area
  •    Outdoor Yoga Area
  •    Free Wifi
  •    English
  •    Full Time Ayurvedic Doctor

More about Somatheeram Research Institute And Ayurveda Hospital

The Diet Restaurant at Somatheeram Ayurveda Village overlooks the sea, offering a splendid setting for a hearty meal. Here, guests have the chance to indulge in Kerala's intricate cuisine, a culinary artistry that melds various ingredients into rich and distinctive flavors. Utilizing coconut, spices, and vegetables, Kerala dishes are known for their unique tastes, making them a highlight at the Diet Restaurant.

The extensive menu at the Diet Restaurant includes around 250 Ayurvedic vegetarian dishes, alongside salads and juices. Guests have the choice of non-vegetarian and multi-cuisine options as well. Live cooking demonstrations unfold the secrets behind these special delicacies, making the dining experience truly engaging. A well-thought-out buffet satisfies diverse tastes with curated dishes.

Customization is key here, allowing guests to tailor the menu to suit their preferences. Somatheeram's commitment to their visitors is reflected in their varied and thoughtfully designed array of dishes, encompassing Ayurvedic, Indian, European, and Chinese cuisines.

Particularly noteworthy are the Ayurveda Cuisines, a collection of 280 dishes crafted by Somatheeram's Ayurvedic Doctors. These vegetarian dishes are not only flavorsome but also hold medicinal significance, aiming to provide essential nutrients and prevent seasonal ailments during the monsoon.

Perched 200 feet above the sea, the main restaurant treats guests to breathtaking panoramic views and an extensive menu of organic creations. Here, traditional Ayurvedic and regional Indian specialties are prominent. The restaurant also offers a selection of 250 Ayurvedic dishes for guests on Ayurvedic programs. Additionally, there are options available for South Indian, European, and Chinese specialties for an extra charge.

Somatheeram Ayurveda Village offers a tranquil retreat with direct access to a private beach, providing sunbeds, parasols, and towel services for ultimate relaxation. Guests can bask in the beauty of the outdoor pool and enjoy cultural events at the open-air stage. An open-air lounge, complete with a traditional tea trolley, overlooks the serene surroundings. Additionally, the Herb Garden, Open-air Yoga Hall, and craft workshops invite guests to engage with nature and holistic activities.

The accommodations at Somatheeram are distinct pieces of Kerala's traditional architecture. The Ayurveda Hospital, renowned for its authentic treatments, embodies an ambiance tailored to embrace the bio-energies in the most traditional manner. The bungalows, exquisitely constructed in wood, feature antique carved doors and pillars, creating a harmonious blend of comfort, opulence, and luxurious amenities for a truly serene stay.

Ayurveda is at the heart of Somatheeram, providing traditional Ayurvedic treatments for over 20 years, earning the title ‘The Ayurveda People’. Rooted in ancient Indian medical science, Ayurveda is an ancient system developed thousands of years ago, with its origins traced back to the sacred texts of the Adharva Veda. In Kerala, Ayurveda has endured for centuries, remaining a key component of traditional healing.

The state's traditional vaidyas were the primary healers for many ailments. Kerala has been a stronghold of Ayurveda, maintaining and cultivating its heritage with unmatched dedication. The Ayurvedic protocols have flourished within and around Kerala, remaining a pivotal part of the state's life and culture.

At Somatheeram, Ayurvedic treatments are carried out under the guidance of expert doctors and skilled therapists in a hygienic setting. The herbal garden provides over 600 medicinal herbs, ensuring the creation of authentic Ayurvedic medicines. The hospital offers a range of treatments, from massages to Panchakarma therapies, underpinned by the transformative benefits of Yoga.

Courses in yoga and meditation, led by experienced gurus, are available at Somatheeram. It is a place that combines an Ayurvedic experience with a peaceful beachside holiday. The facility offers a comprehensive wellness approach, addressing both body and soul.

The hospital provides various Ayurveda Panchakarma and Rasayana Packages prescribed by expert Ayurvedic doctors. These packages encompass accommodation, treatment, and vegetarian cuisine. Complimentary services, including daily Yoga classes and backwater boat tours, enrich the packages.

Somatheeram also introduced the world's first Ayurveda and Yoga Resort, offering certified professional-level Yoga teachers Training Courses. These courses, conducted under the guidance of the International Institute of Yoga, follow stringent standards outlined by Yoga Alliance International and Bharat Sevak Samaj. Graduates of these courses can proudly use the title “Registered Yoga Teacher RYT” as a testament to their quality training.

Rejuvenation Program 

Stress Management  

Body Purification Therapy

Panchakarma Program

Somatheeram has been awarded six national accolades from the Government of India, earning the title of "India's best ayurveda wellness center." Additionally, it received six state awards from the Government of Kerala as the "Best approved and classified ayurveda center." Furthermore, it boasts a remarkable collection of thirty-five international, national, and state awards, recognizing its excellence in the field of ayurveda. These commendations are coupled with accreditations such as NABH, Ayur Diamount, BSI, and the Ayurveda Spa European Certificate. Continuously honored with the National Award from the Government of India and the Kerala State Award, along with securing twenty-nine international and national awards, Somatheeram stands as the world's first Ayurveda Resort and the sole one in India with the Ayurveda SPA Europe Certification. It also serves as a renowned International Yoga Retreat venue for accomplished Yoga Gurus.

Packages Offered


Dr Seena Rajendran
Chief Medical Officer


Walk-Through Video |


AC Standard Room
$ 64.00

Standard rooms are replete with a bathroom and attached bathrooms with hot and cold water facilities. The rooms are properly ventilated and provided with fans and mosquito nets.


Double / Twin Bed

Drinking Water

Attached Bathroom With Hot And Cold Water Facilities


Mosquito Nets

Fruit Basket

Hair Dryer 

AC Garden Cottage
$ 74.00

Garden cottage are independent cottage with beautiful garden view .It is built with natural materials of mud and bricks. All accomodations are double/twin bed, replete with a bedroom and attached bathroom with hot and cold water facilities. They are properly ventilated and provided with fan and mosquito nets.


Independent Cottage

Garden View

Built With Natural Materials Of Mud And Bricks

Double / Twin Bed

Drinking Water

Attached Bathroom With Hot And Cold Water Facilities


Mosquito Nets

Fruit Basket

Hair Dryer 

AC Special Cottage
$ 99.00

Special cottages are independent round or square shaped thatched cottage with full/partial sea view. It is built with natural materials of mud and bricks. All accommodations are double/twin bed, replete with a bedroom and attached bathroom with hot and cold water facilities. They are properly ventilated and provided with fan and mosquito nets. Air-conditioned cottages are optional.


Independent Round Or Square Shaped Thatched Cottage

Full / Partial Sea View

Built With Natural Materials Of Mud And Bricks

Drinking Water

Double / Twin Bed

Attached Bathroom With Hot And Cold Water Facilities

Fruit Basket

Hair Dryer 

Kerala House Standard
$ 138.00

Kerala House Standard:- It is a traditional Kerala wooden house with antique doors and furniture . Independent villas with a verandah, bedroom and attached bathrooms with hot and cold water facilities.


Independent Villas


Attached Bathrooms With Hot And Cold Water Facilities

Drinking Water

Fruit Basket

Hair Dryer 

Kerala House Deluxe AC
$ 170.00

It is a traditional Kerala wooden house with antique doors and furniture . Deluxe House is with a bedroom and attached bathroom with hot and cold water facilities. It has a verandah with exclusive sea view. The whole Kerala House has one suite room and two deluxe rooms rented separately.


Wooden House With Antique Doors And Furniture

Attached Bathroom With Hot And Cold Water Facilities

Verandah With Exclusive Sea View

Drinking Water

Fruit Basket

Hair Dryer 

Kerala Deluxe Suite AC
$ 207.00

It is a traditional Kerala wooden house with antique doors and furniture. The suite has a living room, a bedroom and attached bathroom with hot and cold water facilities. An excellent sea view from the room and it has got a verandah overlooking ocean. The whole kerala house has one suite rom and two deluxe rooms rented separately.


Sea View Room

Living Room

Attached Bathroom with Hot And Cold Water Facilities

Verandah Overlooking Ocean

Fruit Basket

Hair Dryer 


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Customer Reviews

16 Ratings from our customers

I was stayed in Somatheeram for 14 days Ayurveda Rejuvenation Package...It was amazing and awesome experienced than i expected..All Staffs working in this hospital are very friendly and helpful .. You can see smiling faces everywhere ...The Ayurvedic food in the restaurant was very tasty. ,They also have a Beautiful Infinity pool ....The treatment was perfect and after day to day massage I felt that I am getting rejuvenated and energetic..Thanks for your great service and professional hospitality..I will suggest to my friends and relatives definitely about this Place ..Will come back next year
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.8

I had stayed in Somatheeram Ayurveda Village Kerala for my Ayurveda rejuvenation treatment.. it was an absolutely amazing and wonderful stay.. daily 2 hours of treatment made me healthy and happier .. Reception Staffs, Restaurant Staffs, Doctors and Therapists are all very kind and helpful..Also the Housekeeping staffs... Thanks Team Somatheeram.. I Hope we will meet again next time
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.9
Séverine M

I went in Somatheeram ayurveda center in May 2023, during when I lived an unforgettable experience. Ayurveda is a natural medicine that we ought all try at least one time in Life. And particularly in Somatheeram center. Indeed Doctors and therapists are very attentive, all the staff is very proactive, supportive and so kind! And finally, the place is heavenly. Today I would like to thank the Director and his manager; Mr Sujesh. And to all of you who read me, don’t hesitate ; GO THERE!!!
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Andrea A

It was the best experienced indeed ..The first experienced of Ayurveda treatment in this Gorgeous place called Somatheeram..The Place is beautiful, calm quiet away from the busy city life. ..The treatment which was given by the hardworking therapists improved my energy levels as well as my mind as days went by....All the staffs are hardworking I must say ...They make you feel like you're at your own home ....The Food was delicious and also enjoyed the programs they conducted in the evening, Some Indian traditional music .And etc.......I loved it time I wil extend my stay😊♥️..Hope to see all those loveliest people again and ahh I missed everything here
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Birgit S

Excellent treatments, fantastic foods, wonderful staff and competent doctors, beautiful view from the pool to the sea. We loved it .All the staffs are very friendly. We enjoyed the Ayurveda rejuvenation program.Rainy season is best 😘😘😘
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.8
Corinne P

Great experience overall. Aww.. love the service .I am here for 14 days ayurveda panchakarma and its feels like heaven. The staffs are very friendly. The Réception, Ayurveda,Restaurant were all excellent. appriciate the service. Thank you all !!! Keep great work. Thank you. Love you all..
  • Overall Rating
  • 5

What a wonderful stay. I am here for the second time as a REPEATER. People have so many options but Somatheeram is something different . It’s very good to stay here for vacation. All the ayurveda treatment is very good . I really enjoyed. I recommend this place to all.. my health is better now ..thank you Somatheeram team..
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Stefanie P

I went to the Somatheeram August 2023 for 21 days much needed Panchakarma. I was happy to meet professional doctors , therapists , the staff was just amazing. I enjoyed Meditation and Yoga class, the environment is so nice, chilly and green. Met beautiful, kind people here , also my health is so much better now. Blessings to everyone there, Namaste
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.9
عبدالله ا

I had an amazing experience with Somatheeram Ayurveda Village. The doctors were very helpful and understanding and the therapist were professional. It was an excellent experience The owner of the resort was a great person and made our stay wonderful ❤️ 😊
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.8

Ian Natalia from Italy I was stayed in this heavenly atmosphere Ayurveda hospital 14 days, it was amazing and wonderful experience, Ayurveda works miracle really I was realised that, Nice beach, infinity swimming pool looking over sea, restaurant food so special for me, staff in every department very close and they are ready to help all the time, thanks for your service and make my stay comfortable . I will suggest this is well-known Ayurveda hospital to every one, definitely I will come back next year
  • Overall Rating
  • 5

After 3 months happy to come back to Somatheeram Family again . Feeling really like at home with much care and love from every person here. Somatheeram Ayurveda resort is much more then just Ayurveda clinic . It’s about to get experience Kerala culture God’s owns country. I always come with a group for yoga & Ayurveda program , and I find it’s a perfect place for such activities . Especially with a help of all managers here Mister Sujesh, and madam Chitra They make our stay unforgettable. Friendly staff at restaurant & reception Professional Ayurvedic doctors The best treatments Highly recommended at least visit once After that you just fall in love with Somatheeram Family And I’m looking forward to come back soon 🙏🌺🕉️
  • Overall Rating
  • 5

Beyond the imagination 😇... I got a amazing experience from here.. Ayurveda treatment was such a new experience for me.. The doctors are very caring for us. Therapists are very friendly ... The body become purified through this treatments. And yoga and meditation is very satisfying.. Perfect ambience, great room service and Perfect buffet, Large pool well maintained and loved all the facilities... The best place for Ayurveda.....
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Vaibhav Gupta

SCAM! NOT A RESORT! ITS A HOSPITAL. 1. This is not a resort for vacation. It is an ayurveda hospital for treatments. This is false advertising and inaccurate description of property. Don't book it for vacation. 2. There are sick old patients all around the property and there is smell of ayurvedic medicines. 3. There is a treatment center which has doctors, nurses, labs and treatment rooms. 4. Food is limited to vegetarian options only. There is no room service or non-vegetarian non ayurvedic diet food available. This was not mentioned. 5. Our room also felt very old and like a room where old people stay for treatment. See the bath stool in the bathroom and broken cabinets. 6. They made us sign the patient form during the check - in time. When we questioned them, they said its formality but it felt pretty weird. (Attaching pictures) 7. Our room had the smell of medicines and bed bugs. I was bitten by bugs all night long.
Srikanth Chagarlamudi

Booked a cottage for day and used few ayurvedic therapies/massage, I was very disappointed with both. AC was not working properly. I have complained multiple times, few technicians visited and simply leave by saying it’s working, they checked twice and no use.. there are least bothered about the Indians, 90% of people stay here are foreigners but they have to address Indian customers as well. Ayurvedic messages and therapy is not upto the hype, I feel nothing difference. Also their prices are higher than what others charge You can’t find any other cabs to airport, so you are forced to used their own cabs & they charge you 1500 for 20kms. Also they have a restaurant which is also too expensive, for plain dosa they charge you ₹300. Leach is better than these guys, they want to suck you’re money every way possible.
Abo Thyckattu

Ambience is good. But room & facilities are very bad. No wifi in rooms, non filtered water
Chandrani Saha

We booked a special cottage room with sea view but when we arrived they provided us a room without any view (there is a fence in front of us and a graveyard on the other side of the fence). Weird smell is coming from this side. We asked multiple times and there is no help from the resort management. Very disappointed with this behaviour. Property is nice but beware of the people managing the property. They are here to befool you.
  • Overall Rating
  • 1

Location & Map

Kovalam Kovalam, situated in the southern Indian state of Kerala just south of Thiruvananthapuram, is a coastal town known for its unique attractions. The iconic striped lighthouse at the southern end of Lighthouse Beach offers breathtaking views, while palm-fringed beaches like Hawa Beach and Samudra Beach provide a serene backdrop. Further south, the Vizhinjam Juma Masjid mosque overlooks a bustling fishing harbor, and inland, the Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium showcases pearl production technology. Kovalam has long been a symbol of Kerala's cultural heritage.

Somatheeram Beach

Nearby Attractions
Kovalam Beach
Kovalam, a long-standing symbol of Kerala, is internationally acclaimed for its three crescent-shaped beaches. Tourists have been drawn to its charm since the 1930s. With coconut-fringed shores, a gentle breeze, and a rich history as an Indian Hippie Trails destination, Kovalam's scenic beauty is enhanced by the Arabian Sea and nearby hills.

Veli Tourist Village

Located just 12 km from Thiruvananthapuram, Veli Tourist Village offers a serene escape at the confluence of Veli Lake and the Arabian Sea, perfect for picnics and boating.

Poovar Island

At the southern tip of Thiruvananthapuram, offers boat rides to mangrove forests, an elephant-shaped rock, golden sand beaches, and a floating restaurant.

Vizhinjam Lighthouse

Vizhinjam Lighthouse is near Kovalam Beach, Kerala, stands as the town's tallest lighthouse, guiding seafarers since 1972.

Padmanabhapuram Palace

Padmanabhapuram Palace, a 16th-century marvel in Thuckalay, Kerala, showcases indigenous Kerala architecture.
Road Connectivity
Chowara JN: 3.8 KM

Railway Connectivity
Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station: 23.6 KM

Airway Connectivity
Trivandrum International Airport, Airport: 24.9 KM

Terms & Conditions

General Condition for Ayurveda Treatments Packages:

  • Check In Time is 1400 Hrs and Check Out Time is 1200 Noon.
  • Early Check in or Late checkout, it is subject to availability with extra charges. To guarantee an early check upon arrival, please book one night earlier than the arrival date.
  • Any other services will be stated clearly along with the respective package.
  • Duration of the treatments may vary according to the direction of the doctor and process may change depending upon the patient’s body condition.
  • Final decision of the program will be taken by the consulting doctor.
  • Duration of the treatments may vary according to the direction of the doctor and process may change. depending upon the patient's body condition.
    Final decision of the programme will be taken by the consulting doctor.

 Loyalty​ Discounts Policy

  • Repeated guest 5% discount against the following conditions.
  • Advance information about the repeated times upon booking.
  • Period of stay exceeds 7 nights and above.
  • Discount applicable only on accommodation rates & package rates.
  • Stay on 21 Nights or more - 5% discount on the accommodation rates & package rates.
  • Stay on 28 Nights or more - 10% discount on the accommodation rates & package rates.

General Condition for Special Discounts/offers:

  • Loyalty Discount cannot be combined with any other special offers
  • Booking is confirmed against advance payment of the total booking amount or service voucher.

Pre-Arrival Guidelines

You are requested to produce the following information along with health declaration form:

  • Recent medical history for each guest
  • Recent lab reports, if any
  • Valid ID and address proof
  • Carry breathable and flexible clothes for Yoga
  • The voucher will be generated 24 hours after receiving the full payment
  • The representative will contact you 24 to 48 hours before your arrival to confirm your check-in time and mode of transport. This is critical to ensure a flawless check-in experience

ID Card Type

  • Indian nationals are requested to provide photo-identity proof in the form of a driver’s license, voter’s ID or passport. This is mandatory for completing the registration process at the time of check-in
  • Foreign nationals are requested to produce their passport with a valid entry visa. For those on employment or permanent residence, passports must include a residential permit

Child Policy

  • Not Child-friendly
  • Children below 6 years of age are accommodated free of charge in parent’s room with no extra bed. Somatheeram & Manaltheeram are Exclusive Ayurveda property and  "Not Child-friendly".
  • Being an Ayurveda Hospital, Somatheeram do not recommend children below the age of 2 unless otherwise admission is recommended by the Doctor
  • Children above 6 years and Children with extra bed will be charged 20% of the double occupancy room tariff.

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed in the retreat

Visitors Policy

Right to admission of visitors into the retreat premises and guest areas remain solely with the management

Outside Food/ Beverages Policy

For you, all meals are provided by Somatheeram chef from kitchen. Outside food and beverages are not permitted in order to ensure that your Ayurveda experience continues to focus on healing with the right food.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol, smoking and tobacco chewing is not permitted during your Ayurveda program and is strictly prohibited across the Somatheeram Research Institute And Ayurveda Hospital

Additional charges: 

  • Requested room, Air-condition & Food
  • Requested Room: 5% additional charge on the room rate.
  • Xmas and New Year Gala Dinner are mandatory: Xmas - Euro 60 per person, and New Year - Euro 90 per person.
  • Non Vegetarian Food: Breakfast Euro 8, Lunch/Dinner Euro 16 or Ala Carte.
  • Ayurvedic Vegetarian Food: Breakfast Euro 7, Lunch/Dinner Euro 14 or Ala Carte.
  • Extra person 20% additional charge on the double occupancy.
Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation is permitted only if it is made before 30 days prior to the date of arrival.
  • If not, the full amount of reservation will be charged.

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