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WellnessLoka ( is established with the aim of making the world a healthier and a happier place. Based in Kerala, Gods' Own Country, we seek to help wellness enthusiasts discover, assess and book different wellness options in a hassle free manner. We have:
  • 100+ verified properties in exotic location
  • Simplify research  through comparison
  • All inclusive packages (No additional service charges)
  • 24*7 Customer support
  • Best price guaranteed
  • In house Ayurveda Doctor
  • Strong local support in Kerala.
  • Customised packages.
  • Special package for women
  • Certified course on Yoga Teacher training
WellnessLoka provides a simple, user friendly platform that allows you to choose a wellness retreat based on wellness, ailments, types of treatments and locations. We have partnered with Ayurveda wellness centres, Ayurveda hospitals, Yoga retreats, Yoga schools, Meditation centres and Ashrams across various locations in Kerala to suit individual requirements and budgets. By taking care of all your requirements before, during and after the retreat, we want you to arrive happy and excited and to leave feeling refreshed and transformed.
We make your search easy by:
  • Useful filters where by one can narrow down the search by location, geography, budget, rating etc
  • Our Ayurveda doctor will help to decide the right Ayurveda or Yoga retreat suited for you
  • Explore destinations through unedited photos, related information like amenities and plan your wellness journey.
  • Provide ideas on where & how to go, where to stay, what kind of Ayurveda & Yoga therapies to be undertaken, local attractions, things to do and more.
  • Helping you to choose the exact destination and Wellness package for you.
  • Reviewing distance from airport to the retreat, modes of transport and all relevant information related to chosen destination, retreat and the package.
Reaching through us, you will get plethora of options of properties in many exotic places to choose the best you like, where it’s not the case if you go with a resort directly. Moreover, we guarantee the best price and never charge you more than the resorts would charge. And if in case any issues arise between resort and you before the stay or during the stay, we shall mediate it on your behalf or find you better place which you will miss if you approach them directly.
When you feel:
  • You are too exhausted and stressed in life or 
  • You need treatment for some prolonged illness and you need to experiment another branch of medicine despite unsuccessful efforts of trying the rest or
  • You need help for choosing the Right Retreat or
  • Exploring more on Ayurveda/Yoga in Kerala.
  • Study certified courses on Meditation/Yoga
It throws out pollutants in your body and you will be back in your home with a pure body.
You can read our informative blogs in our sites written by our panel of Ayurveda doctors. You get to know more about how Ayurveda can help in serious ailments, rejuvenation and detox. You can chat with our in-house doctor for any sort of doubts on Ayurveda.
We, are young team passionate about wellness and is based in Kerala. And for the same reason, we have strong local support to aid you any time.
Plain No. Since we give lot of bookings to properties, they'll would like to prefer us rather an independent traveller. Most travel agents cannot give you first-hand reliable information about health resorts because (1) they are not experts, and (2) they never actually visit the resorts that they promote.
We have 24/7 call support system. We don't run through a call centre or a robot. You could call us any time and anyone from the team will clear all your queries. We're in your side and will fight for your preferences. We'll reach the property within 12 hours to resolve any problem if it may arise. Entire team is based out of Kerala
WellnessLoka is a Private Limited Company with CIN U74999KL2016PTC047396 (Corporate Identification Number) assigned by the ROC (Registrar of Companies). Moreover, we are recognised by Start-up India, Kerala Start Up Mission, Association of Tourism Trade Organisations India (ATTOI), and TIE (The IndUS Entrepreneurs).
Yes, we are based in Kerala, land of Ayurveda.
We want world to explore the infinite scope of Ayurveda and its benefits to humans. We wish to create a happier and healthier world through Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation. Along with that we want our guests to explore the beautiful Kerala. Moreover, we expect a venture like this can create many opportunities to help local communities including therapists, yoga instructors, hospitality staffs etc.
We provide both Health and Wellness package. Health package is for healing, whereas Wellness package is to revitalize the energy within.
Yes. We have a Medically qualified BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery recognised) doctor registered under Central Council of Indian Medicine to guide you in analysing the right retreat. 


WellnessLoka has 100+ partnered resorts in Kerala.  Properties are classified into budget, premium and luxury based on amenities and expense so that you can choose the one suited for you. Each guests is given personal assistance by the team starting from queries to the retreat through doctors. Cost depends on the type of property chosen. We have
  • Luxury Resorts starting From $ 250 per day 
  • Premium Resorts starting From $ 150 per day 
  • Budget Resorts Starting Rate From $ 50 per day 
  • Luxury Ayurveda Hospitals Starting Rate From  $ 400 per day
  • Premium Ayurveda Hospitals Starting Rate From $ 150 per day
  • Budget Ayurveda Hospitals Starting Rate From $ 50 per day
  • Premium Yoga Centre Starting Rate From $ 75 per day
  • Budget Yoga Centre Starting Rate From $ 50 per day
To ensure quality and authencity of the partnered properties, we’ve come up with an audit system called ‘WellnessLoka Verified’. Before on boarding any property, our team visits the property to ascertain the amenities, cleanliness, surroundings and wellness service facility. The team collects data on 50+ aspects during the visit and give each property WellnessLoka rating. We publish unedited photos taken during the visit under WellnessLoka Gallery in the property’s page, so that you’ll have a clear picture of the property. Secondly, our in-house doctor analyse the treatment plan and details and then approves the property to be on boarded. This process is repeated every year to ensure quality.
Yes.  All properties we partner with undergoes verification.
Option 1: If you already know the right wellness retreat for you You can visit our website and search for retreats of your choice at your preferred locations. All the info on retreat programs is there in the website. You can get more information on the treatment/package through our blogs posted in our site. Then you can book the properties in the location you want either directly by making online payment just like you book a hotel room or through our customer support to help the same. Option 2: If you are not sure about the right wellness retreat or treatment for you  You can initiate an online chat with our doctor through our website. Or you can fill up with Preliminary Assessment Form . Our doctor will suggest the right retreat for you after analysing your condition. Then you can book the program in your desired property in the location you want either directly or through our customer support team.
In case of health packages, the doctor will be in a better position to analyse the days for retreat. For the rest, we have customised packages in which you can handpick the property and packages.
Yes. The retreats rate generally includes the below along with core retreat/treatment  Pick up and drop from nearest airport to location (for programs more than 7 days).  Accommodation Food in accordance with the retreat Specific details on the inclusions are available in the respective retreat details page and it’s recommended that you read it.
That depends on the retreat you choose. If you choose a health retreat, which needs your presence and attention all the time, the doctor may restrict you to stay indoors till the retreat gets over. For the rest, you will not be restricted.
That will be dependent on the retreat you opt for.  According to your retreat, the doctor can chart you diet.
That will be dependent on the retreat you opt for.  According to your retreat, the doctor can chart you diet. 
Every resort offers wifi. However, the speed of wifi varies from resort to resort. By Western standards, the speed of wifi is slow at most resorts, but that can be a good thing. You can use this as an opportunity for a “digital detox”. If you need continual access to the Internet, talk to us. We will guide you to the resort with the best wifi and/or arrange a SIM card and data plan for you.


Once a booking is made with successful online payment, you will receive an email verifying booking details and a booking ID number. 
Not necessarily. Our agreement with most of the partnered properties allow booking with partial payment based on season and availability. If a partial amount booking is possible, it’ll be shown to you during booking payment flow. You can either pay full amount or can pay advance amount (if possible) using online payment and confirm the booking.
Yes. You can be assured of safe online transactions on WellnessLoka website as all payments are routed through RazorPay, leading Payment gateway in India.
You can read about T&C and Privacy policy and
You can reach out to our Customer Service Team who is there to help you 24X7 Mobile: +91 8086040101  Email:
Packages can be booked using your credit or debit card. We accept all VISA, Master and American Express cards. International credit cards are also supported on WellnessLoka portal. 
It depends on the property and season of your booking. Specific details on cancellation policy are available in the respective property’s page.
Yes. We will ensure that you get the best deal with our partnered resorts. 
Yes. All your personal information are secured with us. We do not store any passwords, giving you the added assurance of booking online with us. WellnessLoka abides by firm confidentiality ethics. All personal details regarding your health condition remain safe with our Ayurveda doctor.
For cancellations, you can reach out to our Customer Service Team. Mobile: +91 8086040101  Email:


Emergency helpline number for Police is 100 from any phone devices in India.
India keeps its purity and fraternity throughout. Like any other country,   crimes occur, but that doesn’t mean that India has lost its respect and love for Athidhis(Guests). Atithi Devo Bhava prescribes a dynamic of the host–guest relationship which embodies the traditional Indian Hindu-Buddhist philosophy of revering guests with same respect as god. This concept of going out of the way to treat guests with reverence goes even beyond the traditional Nepal Hindu-Buddhist common greeting of namaste (I bow to the divinity in you) used for everyone.
We have ensured that all our retreat centre despite at many tropical region are equipped with insects’ repellents to keep you safe and away from its uneasiness.
Please do not bother any such matters. All our retreats provide purified drinking water. Kindly avoid consuming water that are not meant for drinking or not marked as ‘drinking water’ from the property area.
Yes, all tourists require a visa to visit India. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of intended departure from India. Visitors from Nepal will need to furnish an identification proof and their visa will be issued at the airport. India has relaxed the procedure to obtain a tourist visa for many countries by offering a visa on arrival and with e-visa.
A tourist visa is usually authorised for 6 months. Tourist travelling in groups of not less than four members, with a recognized travel agency may be considered for grant of collective tourist visa. There may be a medical visa requirement for ailment treatment.
The currency in India is the Indian Rupee. Visitors can convert their money at most international airports on arrival as well as at authorised currency changers.
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WellnessLoka is established with the aim of making the world a happier and a healthier place. Based in Kerala, Gods' Own Country, WellnessLoka seeks to help wellness enthusiasts find and book different wellness options in a hassle free manner.


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