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A majority thinks that Panchakarma is all about that special oil massage. Panchakarma includes five procedures that are designed for the internal purification of the body. Panchakarmas when performed in the correct way helps our body system to attain homeostasis and to repair and rejuvenate rapidly. Apart from treating a disease, the Panchakarmas are used as pre-operative procedure, before rejuvenation therapy etc. Panchakarma Basthi Nasyam


Ayurveda is the science of life. Ayurveda guides us to a healthy, happy and better life. It includes many physical, mental and social guidelines to be followed. Each and every activity of an individual affects the health of that person. Therefore ayurveda teaches us about the daily regimen, seasonal regimen, urges that can be suppressed and that cannot be suppressed, diet and many more. Ayurvedic Way of life Ayurveda Ayurveda and Wellness


Ayurveda gives emphasis on the prevention of diseases and protection of health. Rasayana Tantra is that branch of Ayurveda that describes the methods of withholding ageing, increasing the life-span, intelligence, strength and immunity. In one word, we can define Rasayana Chikitsa as Rejuvenation Therapy. And do you know that there are two types of Rasayana Chikitsa? Rasayana Chikitsa Rejuvenation Therapy


The Sodhana Chikitsa is administered for the purification of the body. By undergoing the Sodhana Chikitsa, those vitiated humors, which gets accumulated in body, are expelled out. This helps in the curing of ailments, repairing the body and rejuvenating it. There are 5 types of Sodhana Chikitsa and each one is different. Body purification Snehapanam


Stress is getting common nowadays. Majority of the population suffer from chronic stress in one way or another. The condition gets worse when they do not know how to manage the situation. In Ayurveda, stress is managed through,Practising Yoga, Pacifying treatments like Sirodhara and many more. View More Details


Do you know that Obesity is now one of the leading causes of death worldwide? It has become a pandemic. Even children are affected resulting in various diseases. Ayurveda includes obesity under the 8 most undesirable physical constitutions. Ayurveda focuses on reducing the weight in a healthy way, by advising healthy diets and regimens. View More Details


Whatever may be the skin colour, if the it is flawless, all the eyes will admire you. It is easy to explain. But to achieve it ... Have to work hard. We are not only talking about just the face, but the whole body. We can make it possible through natural ways, ie. Ayurveda. Beauty Care Programme Mukhalepam Lepanam



Diabetes are of two types and many are not aware of the complications caused by the diabetes. Ayurveda advises Panchakarma for the treatment of diabetes. There are internal medicines that help to control the diabetes. External treatments like Dhanyamla Dhara, etc. help to manage the complications. View More Details


Facial Paralysis has become a common problem these days. In this condition, the areas innervated by the Facial Nerve are affected or paralysed. Ayurveda explains Facial Paralysis as Arditha. Ayurveda gives a clear and well-organised treatment protocol including Nasyam etc. View More Details


Pregnancy makes a lot of changes in a woman physically and mentally. changes will create a strain in the woman’s body and mind. the body gets weak. Therefore Ayurveda recommends Post-Pregnancy care. View More Details


Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder with abnormally excessive and rapid growth of epidermal layer of skin. It is characterized by patches of abnormal skin. In Ayurveda, psoriasis is considered as Sidhma Kushta. The treatment is based on the severity, location and extent of the condition. View More Details


Low back ache is a common disorder that may involve muscles, nerves and bones of the back. The pain can be mild to severe. After diagnosing the condition, the physician decide what treatment is to be given. The treatments include lepanam, kati basthi etc. View More Details


Imagine a life without vision! yes , eyes need care. Ayurveda explains the structure and the functioning of eye in detail. It also explains the disorders that affect eyes and its adjoining structures. The treatments and procedures are of a wide range. View More Details


Hypertension is High blood pressure. It depends on many factors such as age, sex etc. ayurveda offers treatment for hypertension. It may be long-term but will help remove the root cause. View More Details


The inflammation of the sinuses is known as Sinusitis. Migraine is one of the major causes of headache. There are many treatment methods to cure the conditions. This includes nasyam, shiro abhyangam etc. View More Details


Spine is the structure that helps us to hold our upper body upright. Many conditions affect this important structure. This includes arthritis, spondylosis etc. Cervical spondylosis is such a condition where the spine in the neck region gets affected. View More Details


There are many disorders or conditions. Panchakarmas and other treatments are usually done in chronic conditions. A wide range of internal medicines are available for the treatment of Bronchial diseases. View More Details


Addiction includes addiction to alcohol, drugs etc. These addictions affect the social and family life an individual. According to the signs and symptoms that a person exhibits, the vitiated Dosha is analysed by the physician. The protocol includes internal and external types of treatments. View More Details


Arthritis includes any disorder that affects joints. The common symptoms include joint pain and stiffness.The degeneration of spinal discs result in spondylosis. Age is a common factor that can cause spondylosis. Both conditions comes under Vata Rogas. Therefore the treatment modalities used here are of Vata Rogas. View More Details


Cancer has become a common condition that doesn’t require any introduction. There are effective treatments in modern medicine that can cure and manage this disease. After the treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, the immunity and overall health of the person may decline. In Ayurveda maintenance of health is possible for those who are suffering from cancer. One of the best methods is rasayana chikitsa ( rejuvenation therapy). View More Details


Rheumatism includes all conditions that are chronic with intermittent pain affecting joints or connective tissue and covers around 200 different conditions.Common conditions that come under the topic are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis etc. Most of the conditions comes under the Vata rogas. The treatment and management of these conditions are done according to the dosha predominance and the condition of the patient.Both Shodhana and Shamana chikitsa are used for treating Vata Rogas. View More Details


In this condition the inner gel like layer protrudes out of the outer fibrocartilage layer through a tear. The tear results in the reactions that in turn cause the inflammatory changes. This is the reason why we experience pain. Among the Panchakarmas, Virechanam and Basthis are the most beneficial treatments for this condition. View More Details


Any disorder of the nervous system can be considered as neurological disability. If any of the above said abnormalities are present in brain, spinal cord or other nerves the symptoms like paralysis may occur. Many of the nervous disabilities comes under the topic Vata Rogas. Vata is the factor that helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system. View More Details

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