Sivasoorya Yoga School And Ashram
Sivasoorya Yoga School And Ashram
Premium Yoga Center
India / Kerala / Kovalam

Sivasoorya Divine School of Yoga The Sivasoorya Divine School of Yoga, founded by Yogi Guru Raviji, is a unique and rare yoga centre of its kind in India. It is different from the others such centers in that it delves deep into the purport of yoga and its various aspects; it offers training in the traditional and systematic way as envisaged by the great rishis of the past. The Sivasoorya Divine School of Yoga now offers Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Raviji’s own ashram at Kerala as well as Irishikesh , India. Yogi Guru Raviji, the world-renowned enlightened yogi, has been a source of inspiration to hundreds of yoga disciples both within and outside India. He has traveled extensively within Europe and Asian countries and has conducted various workshops, seminars and Yoga training sessions continuously. He will be visiting these places again from June to August every year for the same purpose. The Yoga Teacher Training in India is designed to create professional Yoga Teachers using the specially designed variety of Yoga and meditation techniques. The 28-day 200-hour yoga certification Course and examination equips the Yoga Teacher with a Certificate which will be highly valued all over the world.

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Yogi Guru Raviji
The world renowned and venerated Yogi Guru Raviji has profound knowledge and insights into various yoga practices and he is the one that leads the Divine School of Yoga. Having been able to bring immense peace, tranquility and serenity to a multitude of human minds, Guru Raviji has been an influential and inspirational figure in the world when it comes to yoga and its practices. His profound knowledge and matchless expertise in yoga have made him one of the most venerated authorities in the world when it comes to yoga. This has enabled his to create a following of millions of yoga disciples from all parts of the world. As the authoritative person to teach, preach about and train various yoga forms, Guru Raviji has been journeying around the world conducting workshops, taking yoga seminars and offering Yoga Teachers Training Courses.

His extensive and deep understanding and authoritative nature of yoga has made him the most eligible person to embellish the role of the General Secretary of Yoga Teachers Association of South India. It is also under the tutelage and guiding insights of Yogi Soorya Raviji that the world Renowned the Sivasoorya Divine School of Yoga operates.

Master Mukil
One of the most experienced yoga teachers in Kerala Master Mukil has realized the transformations that yoga can bring onto one’s own life, himself. This set him on the personal journey to explore the deep wisdoms of yoga to develop his own mental, physical and spiritual elements. After half a decade of researches, learning and exploration, he began teaching yoga to other realizing that it would benefit them immensely in their lives as well. Having gained immense popularity among his disciples, he commences teaching the Yoga Asana Alignment and Methodology at various teacher training programs across the length and breadth of India.

Master Mukil was introduced to yoga at Sivasoorya yoga School, Kerala under the loving guidance and profound yoga wisdom of his father and the Founder of Sivasoorya yoga School, Kerala Guru Raviji from even from his early childhood. After having concluded his immense and rigorous training in both 200 and 300-hour yoga training programs, he is now an internationally acclaimed and registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance International. Master Mukil has developed a strong and extensive fundamental base in asana methodology and teaching, and it inspires his students to go beyond the convention to explore their own personal practice at a deeper, more enlightening level.

Master Nikhil
Master Nikhil has profound experience and extending his yoga expertise by teaching in a range of schools in Kerala. His unique approach and disciple-centric yoga training sessions have garnered him constant and deep appreciation from his disciplines and followers of yoga across the country. He has shaped his own style of teaching yoga to his student where he endeavors to convey the energies and wisdom of yoga through smooth and effortless manner.No matter when his students need him to clear any doubts, he is available to support them. He is really approachable for his students to share his wisdom on correcting postures, injuries and the ability dive self-healing. As Master Nikhil’s disciple, you will be challenging your body and mind to reach the enlightened state of harmony and fulfillment even from the first few classes of his own.

His escapades with yoga started when he imbibed Sivananda Yoga at Neyyardam, Kerala where he began learning yoga. After that he went to Pattabi Jois yoga Institute in Mysore India to learn Ashranga Vinyasa Yoga. Like his father, Guru Raviji, and brother, Master Mukil, Master Nikhil is also one of the most respected teachers and practitioners of yoga in India. He is an ardent follower of his father and he is responsible for teaching Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga at Sivasoorya yoga School.

Swami Sree Kumar
A renowned Yoga Tutor of Sivasoorya Divine School of Yoga, Swami Sree Kumar has immense knowledge and understanding of philosophy particularly in Indian Philosophy. As a proponent of yoga and its immense value in today’s busy, challenging lives of people, he has been training his disciples in yoga backed by his reasoning knowledge he gained through various philosophical learning paths. He tethers the challenges and ailments of daily life of people and the positive effects practicing yoga can have to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life of tranquility and harmony. Through his diverse yoga teachers’ training programs and interventions, he has touches the lives of numerous people to practice yoga in their lives, drive harmony between their body, mind and soul, lead peaceful lives and explore various divine layers of yoga to not only become people with content but also ardent teachers of yoga.

He is a keen learner who has set aside a major part of his life learning about everything from Indian Philosophy, Yoga Science, Upanishads, Bhagavath Geetha and Buddhist literature, all of which have made him an authoritative figure in all of these areas of learning. This has also helped him develop profound knowledge and understanding of philosophy and history which he utilizes during his yoga teaching sessions.


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Vandithadam Shiva Temple

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Kovalam Beach
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Pachalloor Punkulam Jn 450 Mtr

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Trivandrum Central Railway station 11.8 KM

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Trivandrum International Airport 10.2 KM

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Comfortable clothes for yoga
A yoga mat (communal mats are provided but if you have one you like feel free to bring it)

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To register with us, we accept 200 USD as a deposit to make sure your spot and before starting the course, you have to pay 200 USD as an advance fee and remaining 275 USD can be paid within two weeks of the course

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