Rajah Beach

Rajah Beach
Premium Ayurveda Hospital
India / Kerala / Thrissur

Rajah Group, established in 1935 by A. Abdul Kader Sahib, commenced its business operations in Sri Lanka before shifting its focus to India.
With a significant presence in states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra, the group is an employer for approximately 35,000 people, earning recognition as a leading taxpayer in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.In 1996, Rajah Group founded Rajah Ayurveda with a mission to disseminate the knowledge of Ayurveda worldwide.They emphasize the integration of Ayurvedic principles into daily life for effective ailment management.

Rajah Group ventured into the field of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals by establishing a medicine manufacturing unit.This unit was initially set up to provide authentic and traditional medicines exclusively for in-house guests. Over time, in response to the growing demand, the firm transitioned into a G.M.P. certified Medicine factory. This modern plant was commissioned to ensure the consistent quality of medicines while maintaining affordability.

Under the Rajah Ayurveda banner, there are Four distinct centers: Rajah Healthy Acres, Rajah Island, Rajah Beach, and Rajah Eco Beach.
The option to split your stay across these centers is available based on availability and approval from the attending doctors.

Rajah Beach is situated by the seaside at Akalad, Kerala, India, offering Ayurveda treatments and rejuvenation packages. Spacious air conditioned rooms and cottages make your stay comfortable. The beach lies across the road from the resort and is away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby town.

Rajah Ayurveda's uniqueness is underscored by its herbal garden and plantation, which includes a diverse collection of Ayurvedic herbs and naturally grown plants. Visitors can witness traditional Kerala vegetation, such as Coconut Trees, Areca Palms, Mango Trees, Jackfruit, and Banana plants. Awareness counseling at Rajah Ayurveda follows detailed consultations with doctors and is accompanied by a comprehensive presentation and counseling session. This enlightens guests about Ayurvedic fundamentals, as well as the specifics of medicines and treatments, including their benefits. The commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through eco-friendly initiatives. Rajah Ayurveda incorporates Windmills, Solar panels, Electric Motor Vehicles, Earthworm Compost Plants, and Rainwater harvesting ponds to reduce reliance on Fossil Fuels and Natural gas. Biomedical waste management is diligently followed, ensuring proper waste segregation, storage, and disposal in compliance with established regulations.

  •    First aid kit
  •    Free Wifi In Common Areas
  •    Wheel Chair Assistance
  •    Sustainable Property
  •    Smoking Free Zone
  •    Basic Gym
  •    Ayurvedic Dosha Meals
  •    NABH
  •    Garden
  •    Free Wifi
  •    TV
  •    English
  •    Hindi
  •    Full Time Ayurvedic Doctor
  •    On Demand Private Yoga Classes

More about Rajah Beach

Rajah Beach serves as an Ayurveda hospital, and its culinary offerings are thoughtfully prepared in accordance with Ayurvedic principles. This includes breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, juices, and dinner, all of which are tailored based on the recommendations of the Ayurvedic doctor overseeing your treatment plan and your current state of health. Every dish is crafted from fresh vegetables to ensure maximum nutrition and digestibility. The cuisine is designed to enhance the body's natural defenses, featuring less spicy and traditional Indian Ayurvedic food. Importantly, each guest receives an individualized diet plan to cater to their specific needs and preferences.


The center provides various outdoor amenities, including a  Meditation/Yoga space, Reading room, Gym, and Jogging track. Rajah Beach, offering glimpses of migrating birds and the rich breeding grounds for various aquatic life. While Ayurvedic rejuvenation usually emphasizes rest and relaxation, Rajah Beach Ayurveda offers numerous opportunities to engage with the Beach and local life. Guests can partake in cookery demonstrations and explore a library containing books in various languages, including Fiction, Philosophy, Yoga, Ayurveda, and cookery.  Occasional cultural events, such as Kathakali, Kalaripayattu, South Indian Classical Dance, and Classical Music concerts, provide insight into the region's rich heritage.

Rajah Beach, nestled in the heart of Kerala, stands as a beacon of authentic Ayurvedic traditions. With an unbroken legacy of healing, this center embodies Kerala's profound Ayurvedic heritage. For centuries, Ayurveda Vaidyas here have been the primary source of healing. 

Set against lush landscapes, Rajah Beach's center provides the perfect environment for rejuvenating treatments. The facility boasts a diverse array of on-site cultivated herbs and plants, ensuring the quality of Ayurvedic medicines. Beyond treatments, there's a commitment to helping guests integrate Ayurvedic practices into daily life, fostering lasting lifestyle changes. 

The journey at Rajah Beach extends beyond the physical realm, with expert guidance in Yoga and Meditation, enhancing the mind, opening the heart, and rejuvenating the body. The center's holistic approach emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet and individualized care. 

Quality sleep is considered integral to well-being at Rajah Ayurveda, encouraging guests to give their bodies sufficient rest. Additionally, the philosophy of celibacy is highlighted for enhancing memory, intellect, and overall vitality. 

Rajah Ayurveda's commitment to holistic wellness aligns with ancient Ayurvedic principles. With a history spanning over 5000 years, time-tested therapies, including massages, herbal medicines, controlled diets, and exercises, remain relevant. This Ayurveda center is a sanctuary where guests can age gracefully, enjoying optimal physical health. Through its dedication to Ayurvedic traditions, Rajah Beach invites individuals on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being. 


Rejuvenation Program

Panchakarma Program 

Psoriasis Treatment Program

Ortho Neuro Rehab

Weight Loss Program

Kerala's first & India's third NABH accredited Ayurvedic hospital

Packages Offered


Dr Jayarajan T
Physician & Clinical Head

Graduate  from  one of the  best schools of Ayurveda  Kottakkal Ayurveda College, University of Calicut. Has clinical experience of about 23 years.

Dr Thushara M
Physician & Administrator.

Completed graduation from the prestigious Government Ayurveda Medical College, University of  Kannur.  Has clinical experience of about 18 years.

Dr Achuthan P
Senior Physician

Graduate  from  one of the  best schools of Ayurveda  Kottakkal Ayurveda College, University of Calicut. Clinical experience of about 18 years.

Dr Deepa P
Senior Physician

A  graduate  from  one of the  best schools of Ayurveda  Kottakkal Ayurveda College, University of Calicut. Clinical experience of about 18 years.



Deluxe Room
$ 57.00

The Deluxe Room is a spacious and air-conditioned retreat that welcomes you with large windows opening to the lush garden outside. It offers a comfortable and serene ambiance, making it an excellent choice for your stay.

Size : 300 Square Feet

Air Conditioned Room With Flat Screen TV


Safety Locker


Bath Robe

Two Single Bed

Bathroom With Free Toiletries

Open Shower Area

WiFi Access

Suite Room
$ 66.00

The Suite Room is an air-conditioned haven of spaciousness and coziness. It features a comfortable sitting area and a private balcony that offers tranquil views of the scenic pond and lush vegetation. It's an ideal choice for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay.

Size : 400 Square Feet

Air Conditioned Room With Flat Screen TV


Safety Locker


Bath Robe

Sit Out

Two Single Bed

Bathroom With Free Toiletries

WiFi Access

Cottage Room
$ 83.00

The Cottage Room offers a blend of comfort and style, featuring an air-conditioned bedroom and living room. With pleasing views of the serene pond and lush lawn, it also provides a relaxing sit-out area overlooking the pond. This room is designed to offer a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing stay.

Size : 500 Square Feet

Air Conditioned Room With Flat Screen TV

Bedroom And Living Room


Safety Locker


Bath Robe

Sit Out

Two Single Bed

Bathroom With Free Toiletries


WellnessLoka Rating

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Customer Reviews

7 Ratings from our customers
Florian D

Rajah Beach is a 2.5-hour drive away located from Kochin Airport. Everything is organized very strictly and you have to get used to the Ayurvedic rules and times for a few days. But then you can relax well. After the initial consultation upon arrival, the treatments and Ayurvedic medication started right away. The location is not only a Hospital, it’s definitely a good mix of hospital and a retreat. In the beginning, i was so exhausted by the treatments that I didn’t wanted to go elsewhere. Besides that, the surrounding of the hotel Is not very attractive. The nearby beach neither. The food is good, very ayurvedic and thus reduced in quantity. I liked it, lots of rice and vegetables, purely vegetarian and individually adapted to your dosha. Exactly as reduced as the rooms: everything necessary is there, a standard AC room is perfect. Currently, a new Rajah hotel is being built right next door The best at Rajah Beach is the staff: from the doctor, the great therapist, to the laundry man, all the staff is exceptionally friendly and really caring, you always feel welcome and in very good hands! My absolute recommendation for an authentic two-week retreat.
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.9
R Roseberg-Evans

Extraordinary Ayurvedic setting - Great Dr's in a beautiful clean setting 100yards from the Beach with a BEAUTIFUL HUGE POOL💜💜🎉! Everything is Calm, Clean, Tasty & So Easy ... For me it's doing PK in a resort!!!
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Kate King

An amazing Ayurvedic Hospital that provides authentic treatments. The Doctors are professional, thorough and supportive. The Doctors give you a full Ayurvedic check up on arrival followed by blood test if they feel they are needed. The treatments are excellent and the treatment staff very professional and kind. Complete medical diagnosis and treatment plan designed specific to your imbalance. All the food served in the restaurant is grown onsite. Delicious meals designed for your health program by your Doctor. They manufacture all of their own medicine and treatment products to ensure quality and purity. Rooms very spacious, clean and modern with all the amenities. I highly recommend the Rajah Ayurveda Hospitals. Their dedication to excellence shows in every aspect of their Hospital. Health transforming experience at a reasonable price.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Raphael van de Par

Quality Ayurvedic treatments. Friendly and efficient team. 25 meter swimming pool. At Rajah beach the beach is 100 meters away for beautiful walks (be careful the rollers are dangerous). The rooms are very comfortable and impeccable hygiene.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Полина Иванова

Here reigns the real Ayurveda.
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.7

A very good stay at Rajah beach. I could address my physical and medical problems with the help of the doctors. All staffs have a great/warm personalities which make you feel at ease while discussing any procedure you may have to get. Everything was very wonderful thank so much & I hope to return soon!
  • Overall Rating
  • 5

This is my second visit to Rajah Beach. I had visited for the first time last year in 2016. The doctors prescribed a specialised set of treatments and medicines for me. Here is my experience with Rajah Ayurveda: Great improvement in the quality of my sleep: Before I took the treatments and followed the strict schedule here at Rajah, it would take me more than an hour of tossing and turning before I could fall asleep. Once the treatment started, I started to fall asleep almost immediately when I went to bed. This continued for a few months after I returned home. Lowered my blood pressure: I came in with a high blood pressure. The treatment successfully reduced it to regular levels. Improved Liver Function: I tested my liver function before and after the treatment. There was a visible improvement. Since my first visit, I have been recommending Rajah Ayurveda to my friends. This time I have come with a friend and my daughter. I would love to keep visiting in the future.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5

Location & Map

Akalad Beach in Thrissur, Kerala, is a secluded one-mile paradise flanked by lush vegetation, coconut palms, and the soothing sound of the sea, offering a serene coastal escape.

Edakkara Juma Masjid

Nearby Attractions
Chettuva Mangrove Forest
Chettuva hosts Kerala's largest Mangrove forest, nourished by the Cannoli Canal and Enamuvu Lake in the backwaters.

Nattika Beach
Nattika Beach in Thrissur, known for its tranquil setting and fishing community, is a serene coastal destination on the west coast, bordered by Conolly Canal

Snehatheeram Beach
Snehatheeram Beach Or Love Shore, is a tranquil destination in Thalikulam, Thrissur District, Kerala, India, renowned for its natural beauty. Located about 25 km from Thrissur, it was honored as the best beach tourism spot in 2010 by the Department of Tourism

Thrissur Zoo
Thrissur Zoo, established in 1885 and situated 2 km from the heart of Thrissur City, is one of India's oldest zoos, covering 13.5 acres and featuring diverse animals, reptiles, and birds.

The Vadakkumnathan Temple
The Vadakkumnathan Temple, located in the heart of Thrissur town, is one of Kerala's oldest and most architecturally distinct Hindu temples.

Athirappilly Waterfalls
Athirappilly Waterfalls, a stunning natural wonder, is Kerala's largest waterfall, soaring to a majestic height of 81.5 feet and located 63 km from Thrissur district.

Vazhachal Waterfalls
Vazhachal Falls, nestled in Thrissur district, Kerala, is a captivating natural attraction, located just 5 km from the entrance of Athirappilly Falls, and is part of the stunning Sholayar Forest ranges.

Ilanjippara Waterfall
Ilanjippara Waterfalls, hidden within the Marottichal forest in Thrissur district, is a trekkers' hEaven, particularly enchanting in the monsoon season.
Road Connectivity
Akalad Juma Masjid Bus Stop : 1.5 KM

Railway Connectivity
Thrissur Railway Station : 35 KM

Airway Connectivity
Cochin International Airport : 86 km

Terms & Conditions

Things to Remember


  • If your treatment is part of your traveling in India, it is better to make the treatment at the end because you are suppose to take rest after the treatments.
  •  For lady patients major treatments will not be done during the menstruation.
  • Bring all the relevant medical reports while coming here.
  • Liquor is strictly prohibited during the treatment period.
  • Any laboratory tests or specialist consultation if needed will cost extra.
  • We will provide a use and throw cotton underwear to wear during the treatment time.
  • Cotton cloths are the best during the treatment period.
  • You can bring long pants for yoga sessions and walking shoes.
  • Bath towels will be provided in every room.
  • If you are taking some medications or food supplements at home regularly, you can bring them here and you may stop them later after consulting the doctor.
  • We provide only Indian vegetarian food as per our doctor’s recommendation.
  • Foreign nationals should bring valid passport & Indians should bring valid photo ID (PAN card, national ID card, License etc.).
  • Kindly note VISA is required to enter India


The Ayurvedic Treatment Packages include :

  • Consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor and daily check up.
  • Accommodation
  • 2 Ayurvedic treatments in a day.One major treatment (Elakkizhi, Sirodhara, Uzhichil, etc.) and one minor treatment (Lepanam, Pichu, etc )as decided by the doctors.
  • Food as advised by the doctors according to the body constitution of the person.
  • · Yoga sessions.
  • · Acupuncture/Acupressure if advised by doctors

ID Card Type

  • Indian nationals are requested to provide photo identity proof in the form of a driver’s license, voter’s ID, or passport. This is mandatory for completing the registration process at the time of check-in
  • Foreign nationals are requested to produce their passport with a valid entry visa. For those on employment or permanent residence, passports must include a residential permit. This is mandatory for completing the registration process at the time of check-in and preparation of C Form

Child Policy

Children are allowed

Program & Diet Policies

Different Ayurveda program will be offered based solely on the doctor’s assessment of the condition of the patient

  • The major session of your programme is a duration of 1 hour, and assistive therapy 30 to 45 minutes. In case of certain clinical conditions and also on detox days the program duration will be less than 1 hour.
  • Major program  may be cancelled if there is an unexpected illness such as fever, flu or any disorder that may not be conducive for the program to be done.
  • Major program cannot be done for female guests’ during the menstrual cycle. However, the best suited program will be done as per the doctors’ decision.
  • Therapists will be assigned based on doctors’ discretion.
  • Rajah follows a strict vegetarian menu based on your body constitution and health condition.
  • Outside food during the program is not recommended.
  • Timely intake of herbal medications is required for the efficacy of the program.
  • Rajah recommends you to abstain from any extensive physical activity including extensive Yoga during the program as your body will be vulnerable during this period.
  • Sightseeing, excursion and swimming pool are allowed only after an assessment of your condition by doctors. Rajah prioritises your healing.
  • Maximum benefit of each Ayurveda program can be obtained only by following the recommended program, medications, diet and regime during the program and post therapy period. You will need to ensure complete physical and mental rest during program

Room Service Policy

All wellness meals as per body constitution are included in the package. In-room dining service is available ONLY on doctors’ recommendation after certain treatments and not otherwise


Wi-Fi Policy


Visitors Policy

Right to admission of visitors into the retreat premises and guest areas remain solely with the management


Alcohol Policy

Alcohol, smoking and tobacco chewing is not permitted during your Ayurveda program and is strictly prohibited across the Rajah premises

Mobile Policy

Usage of mobile phones are allowed

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed in the retreat

Cards Accepted

Payments are to be made in advance. Rajah accept cash, credit cards

              (Amex, Visa, MasterCard )

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation made prior to one month of the booking date will be eligible for a full refund, excluding any bank charges.
  • Cancellation made before 15 days from the booking date will qualify for a 50% refund of the payment.
  • In cases of cancellation occurring within one week before the booking date, a 25% refund of the payment will be provided.

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