Prakriti Shakti

Prakriti Shakti
Luxury Ayurveda Hospital
India / Kerala / Idukki

Prakriti Shakti, the pinnacle of Natural Medicine at CGH Earth Wellness, adheres to the ancient Indian philosophy of Prakruthi Chikitsa, or Nature Cure. The approach revolves around preventive care, harnessing the healing prowess of the five elements of nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space), coupled with Diet Therapy, Yoga, and Meditation. The focus is on treating the root cause of diseases, not merely addressing symptoms. The esteemed medical team, comprised of licensed doctors with degrees from prestigious Indian institutions, champions natural medicine for holistic healing. They guide individuals on a path to optimal health by comprehensively understanding their body, mind, and spirit.

Prakriti Shakti proudly holds NABH accreditation as a Naturopathy Hospital, catering to a wide array of health conditions. The naturopathy detox initiation spans 7 days, while curative treatments commence from day 10 onward. To tailor treatments to each patient's needs, the doctors carefully evaluate the preliminary assessment form sent by patients, determining the minimum duration required for their course of treatment.

A typical day at Prakriti Shakti unfolds with a morning wake-up juice, followed by Pancha Bhoota Upasana—a ritual involving activities like barefoot walking, walking in water, and sun gazing. An invigorating therapeutic group yoga session for an hour sets the tone for the day. Integral morning rituals such as a mud pack and sunbathing activate the parasympathetic nervous system and thermoregulatory system. Doctor consultations commence at 9 am, focusing on assessing patient progress and planning the next course of treatment.Brunch, served at 10 am, adheres to the prescribed diet therapy. Throughout the day, two therapy sessions, including Reflexology walks, and a therapeutic personalized yoga session, are scheduled. The doctors conduct enlightening talks on various aspects of Naturopathy, ensuring patients grasp the rationale behind the treatments. Lunch is simplified with a juice, adhering to the naturopathic principle that fewer meals promote vitality and healing. Regular servings of juices and herbal drinks maintain energy levels.Evenings at Prakriti Shakti include guided meditation, teaching stress-combat techniques, and an interactive kitchen session where patients learn the preparation methods of dishes served. Dinner at 6 pm is followed by engaging activities like informative talks, healing games, and musical performances.The day concludes with juice at 8 pm, promoting rest for the body.

The lush hills of Panchalimedu, situated 2500 ft above sea level, provide an idyllic backdrop for holistic healing. The untouched and pristine environment offers a detoxifying and rejuvenating experience. Panchalimedu's abundant natural beauty and biodiversity create a harmonious atmosphere for a transformative journey, guided by the principles of Ayurveda and Naturopathy.Residing at Prakriti Shakti immerses individuals in the lap of luxuriant greenery, fostering a profound connection with nature's therapeutic power. Healing rituals are meticulously designed to facilitate a union with one's innate healer, and dedicated spaces within the clinic offer sanctuaries for personal interactions with nature.

Detox treatments commence at 7 days, and curative treatments begin at 10 days, custom-tailored to each patient's medical condition. Restrictions apply during the menstrual cycle, and the clinic warmly welcomes residents aged 14 and above, with necessary doctor advice for those aged 14 to 18.

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More about Prakriti Shakti

Diet Therapy, Mindful eating and its integral role in the naturopathic lifestyle at Prakriti Shakti highlight the essence of tailored dietary practices to initiate and sustain the body's healing mechanism. A three-stage diet and fasting therapy, each stage with unique dietary requirements, serves as a cornerstone in Naturopathy, forming the basis of Prakriti Shakti's food philosophy.Under the guidance of the medical team, Prakriti Shakti's culinary experts have translated naturopathic food culture into delectable dishes. All treatment programs at Prakriti Shakti incorporate diet therapy administered in three distinct stages.

The Eliminative Stage, focusing on detoxification through alkaline juices, marks the initial phase. Fasting is transformed into a comfortable and personalized experience at Prakriti Shakti. The Soothing Diet revitalizes the digestive system gradually, incorporating blended juices that soothe the gastrointestinal tract. The Constructive Diet, the final stage, emphasizes consuming completely raw, full meals to rebuild the body.

The Raw Food Gourmet experience at Prakriti Shakti's fireless kitchen elevates raw food preparation to a gourmet level. The culinary team maintains a fireless kitchen, preserving the natural properties of ingredients.Prakriti Shakti's kitchen redefines raw eating, combining organic, fresh food with haute cuisine aesthetics. Traditional Kerala Sadya to brownies are created with uncooked, unprocessed ingredients. Every dish is a culinary art crafted to entice with colors, aroma, texture, and taste.
The Naturopathy Journal serves as a space where Natural Medicine, Raw Food, and Healthy Living are explored.In understanding the profound impact of raw food on health, Prakriti Shakti delves into the benefits and preparation methods associated with a raw food diet. The interactive kitchen allows guests to learn detailed recipes and preparation methods for their favorite raw food dishes.

Prakriti Shakti underscores the importance of making informed choices when it comes to sugar consumption. The narrative emphasizes the association of excess sugar with chronic inflammation, immune suppression, mineral depletion, and digestive disturbances. Prakriti Shakti advocates choosing complex carbohydrates for overall well-being.In conclusion, Prakriti Shakti encourages individuals to embrace a mindful and nature-aligned approach to diet and nutrition, guiding them toward holistic well-being.

Prakriti Shakti stands as a haven for those seeking a holistic retreat, offering various leisurely amenities for a serene escape. Delve into the world of naturopathy and yoga by exploring the well-stocked library, where, under the guidance of doctors, one can discover valuable resources on naturopathy, yoga, and related practices. Deepen the understanding of medical conditions and the healing process in a tranquil environment.

Adjacent to the kitchen area, the interactive kitchen provides a unique space for interaction with the chefs. Immerse in the art of preparing raw food, from refreshing smoothies to delectable raw pasta. The culinary team shares a diverse range of raw food recipes, offering engaging and informative step-by-step demonstrations in this vibrant culinary space.

Experience tranquility in the 19 cottages, each designed in three distinct styles. Inviting the serenity and lush greenery of Panchalimedu into the living space, these cottages provide a sanctuary in nature's comforting embrace. Scenic balconies complement the spacious bedrooms, creating an ideal retreat within the picturesque surroundings.

As the golden hues of sunrise illuminate the landscape, the pool area becomes a heavenly spot to welcome the mornings. Offering a panoramic view of the hills, this common area with outdoor seating, along with the adjacent restaurant, becomes a gathering space for shared therapy sessions and enlightening discussions. Surrounded by verdant hillocks, Prakriti Shakti boasts numerous scenic spots where one can seclude from the world and immerse in the beauty of nature.

Whether exploring the library, mastering raw food in the interactive kitchen, or finding solace in the cottages and scenic spots, Prakriti Shakti invites individuals to a leisurely escape harmonized with nature's soothing rhythm. Discover a sanctuary where holistic well-being meets the allure of serene landscapes.

Prakriti Shakti is a sanctuary for holistic well-being, weaving together physical, mental, emotional, and social elements for optimal health. Beyond symptom relief, it emphasizes the integration of body, mind, and spirit with nature, advocating mindful living. Vitality thrives on mindful practices like fresh, natural food, regular exercise, and balanced work recreation. Toxaemia is recognized as the true ailment, with acute diseases seen as the body's effort to combat it. Natural medicine utilizes Earth's elements, and diet plays a pivotal role in detoxifying and nourishing the body through fasting, juices, and plant-based diets.

Yoga complements naturopathic healing, forming a comprehensive healthcare system. Energy Medicine aids holistic healing, and on the naturopathic path, Prakriti Shakti provides a protective embrace of nature, addressing physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions. Rooted in profound theories, Naturopathy's principles guide a holistic well-being approach. The Theory of Vitality underscores the inherent self-curative force, and the Theory of Toxaemia delves into toxin accumulation as the root cause of ill health. The Theory of Self-Healing recognizes the intricate healing mechanism, fostering self-healing with adequate rest. Basic principles emphasize non-invasive healing, finding underlying causes, and nature as the ultimate healer.

Yoga Therapy at Prakriti Shakti embarks on a transformative journey, blending ancient wisdom with modern healing. Daily practices like 'Surya Namaskar' and 'Pranayama' foster holistic well-being. The integration of five distinct types of Yoga facilitates healing, and the 'Panchakoshas' concept explores five energy layers, promoting self-awareness. Yogic therapy addresses mental health disturbances, treating real causes and fostering overall well-being. Swasthya Yoga maintains optimal health, Samana Yoga tailors sessions for individual needs, and Dharana Yoga imparts guided relaxation techniques. Dhyana Yoga teaches meditation, and Shudhi Kriyas offer natural cleansing procedures.

Embark on a transformative healing journey at Prakriti Shakti, where wellness is an intricate blend of physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. The holistic approach goes beyond symptom relief, focusing on genuine rejuvenation and addressing the root cause of ailments. Physicians at Prakriti Shakti serve as more than medical caregivers—they guide individuals to understand their bodies, minds, and spirits, ushering them into the realm of innate healing. Rooted in nature and enriched with yoga and meditation, the methodology is both curative and preventive. Treatments begin from 7 days onwards, tailored for individuals aged 14 and above. Prior consultation with doctors is recommended for personalized care. The Healing Centre, equipped with specialized spaces like hydrotherapy, mud therapy, and more, is where therapists and doctors converge to meet medical needs. The Yogasala, nestled in the greenery of Panchalimedu, hosts daily yoga sessions and personalized therapies under the guidance of doctors. Experience holistic well-being at Prakriti Shakti—where nature is not just a healer but a wise companion on the path to complete health.

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Year 2022 - 2023
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21 Nights Weight Management Program

Whether one's goal is to lose or gain weight, a carefully crafted program is available that utilizes natural methods to help achieve that goal. Today, weight management has become ...

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Valley View with Private Balcony
$ 325.00

We have taken care to invite the serenity and viridescence of Panchalimedu into your living space.

Rooms Having Fan

Drinking Water

Bath Towels


Valley View With Private Gardens
$ 373.00

We have taken care to invite the serenity and viridescence of Panchalimedu into your living space. Living in these cottages is like seeking sanctuary in nature’s comforting embrace.

Rooms Having Fan

Drinking Water

Bath Towels


Private Balconies Amidst Lush Foliage
$ 278.00

We have taken care to invite the serenity and viridescence of Panchalimedu into your living space. Living in these cottages is like seeking sanctuary in nature’s comforting embrace.

Rooms Having Fan

Drinking Water

Bath Towels


Location & Map

Panchalimedu Panchalimedu, a hill station near Kuttikkanam in Kerala's Idukki district, offers breathtaking views and a pleasant climate. It's popular among Ayyappa devotees who camp there during Makar Sankranti to witness the sacred Makaravilakku at Ponnambalamedu near Sabarimala temple.

Panchalimedu View Point

Nearby Attractions
Explore Thekkady, nestled near Kerala's Periyar National Park. Just 4 km from Kumily, this teak-rich town offers a lush sanctuary known for its diverse flora and fauna. Enjoy the refreshing climate, with temperatures at their lowest in December–January and highest in April–May. Thekkady is your gateway to nature's wonders in a compact and charming setting.

Discover the serene charm of Panchalimedu, a hill station near Kuttikkanam in Kerala's Idukki district. Known for its pleasant climate and stunning views, it's a perfect spot for a family day out, offering a soft hiking experience. Just 10 km from Kuttikkanam, Panchalimedu provides a tranquil escape with breathtaking vistas of nearby towns. Experience the beauty of this idyllic hill station in the heart of Kerala.

Cheeyappara Waterfall
Cheeyappara Waterfall, nestled between Neriamangalam and Adimali on the Kochi-Madurai Highway, is a picturesque cascade in Idukki, Kerala. With its seven steps and a descent from a height of 1000 ft, it's not only a visual delight but also a perfect spot for trekking enthusiasts. Discover the stunning beauty of Cheeyappara Waterfall on your way to Munnar.

Meesapulimala, the second-highest peak in the Western Ghats, sits on the border of Idukki district, Kerala. With an elevation of 2,640 meters, it offers a thrilling trekking trail through Rhodo Valley, attracting highly adventurous souls. The name, derived from its grassy appearance with prominent whiskers, adds to the allure of this scenic peak.

Ramakkalmedu, a scenic hill station in Idukki, Kerala, is celebrated for its panoramic beauty and iconic windmills. Situated 40 km from Thekkady, it's a popular destination known for cool green hills and refreshing mountain air. Explore the serene charm of Ramakkalmedu.

Vagamon, an enchanting hill station in Kerala, India, sits 1200 meters above sea level, offering a perfect escape. Known for its lush tea gardens, cool air, and picturesque landscapes, Vagamon is a haven for nature lovers. Famous for trekking, this serene retreat in the Western Ghats, near Peermedu in Idukki district, is an ideal spot for a peaceful getaway.
Road Connectivity
Mathamba Bus Stop : 38 KM

Railway Connectivity
Kottayam Railway Station : 72 KM

Airway Connectivity
Cochin International Airport : 126 KM

Terms & Conditions

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in: 1:00 PM         Check-out: 11:00 AM

All rates are inclusive of taxes, consultations, treatments, yoga, meditation, accommodation and prescribed diet during your stay.

Transfers from Cochin International Airport to Prakriti Shakti and back are complimentary.

Please be aware that there will be restrictions on treatments during menstrual cycle.

Admission time is 01.00 pm and Discharge time is 11.00 am All treatments require the minimum days mentioned, it is best if the patient can arrive at Prakriti Shakti before 2.00 pm.

We do not treat children below the age of 14 years and hence admission is restricted to only children above 14 years. Consultation and Therapies Time start from 8:30 am and end 5:30 pm. First consultation is for 1.5 hours. Therapies will only start after first consultation and the doctor will decide the course of treatment and therapies based on his diagnosis.

Yoga sessions start at 6:30am everyday. Group and Private sessions are based on the doctor’s diagnosis.


Cancellation Policy

Confirmation of the treatment is against 50% advance payment, and must be paid
at the time of booking the programme or before the cut-off date mentioned by the
Wellness reservations.

100% advance payment must be received 30 days prior to arrival or before the cut-
off date mentioned by the Wellness reservations.

Complete refund, if the booking is cancelled 30 days in advance.
50% refund if the booking is cancelled 21 days in advance.
No refund if the booking is cancelled in less than 20 days.

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