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Oase Ayurveda Hospital
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India / Kerala / Thrissur

Oase Ayurveda Hospital, founded in 2007, is a distinguished institution dedicated to the practice and promotion of Ayurveda, India's ancient system of healthcare. Nestled in Kerala, the heartland of Ayurveda, Oase is renowned for its commitment to delivering classical Ayurvedic medicines and authentic therapeutic treatments to patients hailing from both India and abroad. The hospital employs a comprehensive approach to healing, encompassing a diverse range of Ayurvedic treatments. These encompass specialized massages, unique Marma Techniques, Panchakarma Therapies, Herbal Formulations, Personalized Diet Plans, Lifestyle Modifications, Custom Exercise Regimens, Yoga, and Meditation practices. 
At Oase Ayurveda Hospital, patients' Symptoms and Signs are meticulously assessed and evaluated by the consulting physicians to facilitate precise diagnoses and tailored treatment plans. The approach goes beyond addressing the primary ailment, aiming to harmonize an individual's overall health. This philosophy resonates with Ayurveda's core tenet, which prioritizes well-being over sickness, striving to establish and sustain a state of comprehensive health. 

  •    Free Wifi In Common Areas
  •    Smoking Free Zone
  •    Alcohol Free Zone
  •    Ayurvedic Dosha Meals
  •    Free Wifi
  •   Private Yoga Session ( per session )

More about Oase Ayurveda Hospital

The Ayurveda Dining experience at Oase Ayurveda Hospital is a holistic journey that combines traditional wisdom with modern wellness. It begins with a profound understanding of Ayurveda's core principles, focusing on the individual's body constitution (Dosha), preferences, and overall health. This personalized approach ensures that the dietary regimen aligns with the unique needs of each guest. 

Oase Ayurveda Hospital offers an enlightening day tour for an additional fee 

At Oase Ayurveda, Ayurvedic practitioners tailor their recommendations based on an individual's unique constitution (dosha), addressing their health concerns and goals. This encompasses the inclusion of yoga and meditation in their programs to enhance overall well-being. Herbal treatments, such as powders, tablets, and oils, are prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors according to individual health needs. Ayurvedic practitioners provide guidance on dietary choices, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments to help individuals maintain a healthy equilibrium and prevent disease. Oase Ayurveda ensures privacy and comfort by offering separate treatment rooms for both males and females 

Back Pain & Joint Pain 

Psoriasis & Allergy  

Kidney Failure 

Neuro Degenerative

Oase Ayurveda Hospital boasts a strong track record of positive customer feedback, reflecting the exceptional quality of its services and the satisfaction of its patrons. 

Packages Offered

14 Nights Joint Pain Treatment Program

Oase Ayurveda Hospital offers a 100% natural Ayurvedic joint pain treatment. This approach incorporates specialized therapies that target inflammation, alleviate pain and swelling,...

Starting Rate: $ 1014

21 Nights Joint Pain Treatment Program

Oase Ayurveda Hospital offers a 100% natural Ayurvedic joint pain treatment. This approach incorporates specialized therapies that target inflammation, alleviate pain and swelling,...

Starting Rate: $ 1522

28 Nights Joint Pain Treatment Program

Oase Ayurveda Hospital offers a 100% natural Ayurvedic joint pain treatment. This approach incorporates specialized therapies that target inflammation, alleviate pain and swelling,...

Starting Rate: $ 2386


# Offer Name Offer Percentage Booking Period Travel Period
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Sneha E Y
Consulting Physician


Dr Sudhagopal V S
Senior Consulting Physician

Bsc BAMS MD(AY) Prof(Rtd) (Ayurveda Medical College Ollur, Thrissur.

Dr Sandeep V S
Consulting Physician

BAMS MS(AY) FMC Associate Prof

Dr Ajith Jose
Ayurveda Doctor


Dr Ravi Chirayath
Ayurveda Doctor


Walk-Through Video | 18/4/2024


Non Ac Single Room
$ 85.00

The Non-AC Single Rooms at Oase Ayurveda Hospital are meticulously designed to provide a harmonious balance of simplicity and comfort, creating a tranquil and practical space for guests. Each room is equipped with a private attached bathroom that includes modern amenities, assuring the guests have access to all the essentials required for a refreshing and comfortable stay.

Single Room

Attached Bathroom

Free Wifi

Room Service



Non AC Standard Room
$ 92.00

The Non-AC Standard Room at Oase Ayurveda Hospital welcomes guests to a comfortable heaven designed for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Ideal for those seeking a simple yet inviting space, this room provides all the necessities for a restful night's sleep and a convenient visit. The attached private en-suite bathroom is equipped with modern amenities, ensuring guests have the essentials for a refreshing experience.

Attached Bathroom

Double Bedroom

Room Service

Free Wifi


AC Standard Room
$ 100.00

The AC Standard Room at Oase Ayurveda Hospital boasts a minimalist yet inviting design, prioritizing comfort and functionality to offer guests a peaceful retreat. Each room features an attached private bathroom equipped with modern amenities, allowing guests to freshen up at their convenience and utilize the provided essentials.

Air Conditioner

Attached Bathroom

Double Bedroom

Room Service

Free Wifi


Customer Reviews

9 Ratings from our customers
Jassim Mohammed
Good Ambience
Good Ambience
  • Overall Rating
  • 3.9
Dr Sheby Francis
Best Hospitality.Authentic & Gifted Ayurvedic Team for the treatment
Best Hospitality.Authentic & Gifted Ayurvedic Team for the treatment 1_Lumbar Disc (Spondylosis) 2_Female gynec cases like PCOD 3_CERVICAL DISC ISSUES 4_KNEE JOINT DEGENERATION. EXCELLENT AMBIENCE
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.9
Treatment here is good and effective
Treatment here is good and effective for me, low cost comparing others, will get results. I recommend you all there. Good food
  • Overall Rating
  • 2.8
Binu “Chakkalakuzhiyil” John
Great Stay and Treatment.
A Place of Healing. Great Stay and Treatment.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
saran sajeev
Good place for your back pain.
Good place for your back pain.
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.9
Mohammed Safarulla Madari
Good result for back pain
Good result for back pain
  • Overall Rating
  • 3.9
Rajwan K M
healthy atmospheric
Landscaped healthy atmospheric
  • Overall Rating
  • 4
Ritesh Prathap
A TV in the room for a patient recommended
A TV in the room for a patient recommended bed rest could have made the stay enjoyable.
  • Overall Rating
  • 2.8
No result.
Very bad approach, especially one of the staff Ms. Ashwany. No result. Not preferred to anyone. No bills for medicines and added amout what they need. Too expensive for food contains literally nothing than a sambar and thoran for 150/- per head.

Location & Map

Vadanappally, a coastal village in Kerala, is embraced by coconut palm-fringed Vadanappally Beach, providing a peaceful link between the sea and backwaters. Positioned 19 km from Thrissur, it operates as a Thrissur suburb, easily reachable via NH 66

KSEB Office , Thrithallore, Vadanappally

Nearby Attractions
Snehatheeram Beach
Snehatheeram Beach Or Love Shore, is a tranquil destination in Thalikulam, Thrissur District, Kerala, India, renowned for its natural beauty. Located about 25 km from Thrissur, it was honored as the best beach tourism spot in 2010 by the Department of Tourism

Nattika Beach
Nattika Beach in Thrissur, known for its tranquil setting and fishing community, is a serene coastal destination on the west coast, bordered by Conolly Canal

Thrissur Zoo
Thrissur Zoo, established in 1885 and situated 2 km from the heart of Thrissur City, is one of India's oldest zoos, covering 13.5 acres and featuring diverse animals, reptiles, and birds.

Chettuva Mangrove Forest
Chettuva hosts Kerala's largest Mangrove forest, nourished by the Cannoli Canal and Enamuvu Lake in the backwaters.

The Vadakkumnathan Temple
The Vadakkumnathan Temple, located in the heart of Thrissur town, is one of Kerala's oldest and most architecturally distinct Hindu temples.

Athirappilly Waterfalls
Athirappilly Waterfalls, a stunning natural wonder, is Kerala's largest waterfall, soaring to a majestic height of 81.5 feet and located 63 km from Thrissur district.

Vazhachal Waterfalls
Vazhachal Falls, nestled in Thrissur district, Kerala, is a captivating natural attraction, located just 5 km from the entrance of Athirappilly Falls, and is part of the stunning Sholayar Forest ranges.

Ilanjippara Waterfall
Ilanjippara Waterfalls, hidden within the Marottichal forest in Thrissur district, is a trekkers' hEaven, particularly enchanting in the monsoon season.
Road Connectivity
Ezhaamkallu Bus Stop : 210 MTR

Railway Connectivity
Guruvayur Railway Station : 15 KM

Airway Connectivity
Cochin International Airport : 68 KM

Terms & Conditions

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in: 12:00 PM         Check-out: 12:00 PM

Program Details 

  • The Ayurvedic Treatment Packages include Consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor and daily check-ups and Accommodation. 
  • Accommodation with all meals, an Ayurveda Program, and complimentary experiences during your stay 
  • Pre-Arrival Guidelines 
  • You are requested to produce the following information along with the health declaration form: 
  • Recent medical history for each guest 
  • Valid ID and address proof 
  • Carry breathable and flexible clothes for Yoga 
  • ID Card Type 
  • Indian nationals are requested to provide photo identity proof in the form of a driver’s license, voter’s ID, or passport. This is mandatory for completing the registration process at the time of check-in 
  • Foreign nationals are requested to produce their passport with a valid entry visa. For those on employment or permanent residence, passports must include a residential permit 

Child Policy 

Children are allowed 

Pet Policy 

Pets are not allowed in the retreat 

Visitors Policy 

Right to admission of visitors into the retreat premises and guest areas remain solely with the management 

Alcohol Policy 

Alcohol, smoking, and tobacco chewing are not permitted during your Ayurveda program and is strictly prohibited across the Oase Ayurveda Hospital premises 

Cancellation Policy

Once the booking is confirmed with advance payment, 

20% of the booking invoice amount would be charged 

 if cancelled at any point of time. 

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