Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra

Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra
Luxury Resort
India / Kerala / Kovalam

Embark on a journey of serenity along the shores of Kovalam beach retreat, a tranquil haven perched on a dramatic cliff edge surrounded by secluded beaches. As a distinguished Relais & Châteaux property, the Kerala Ayurveda retreat features traditional Keralite heritage cottages nestled beneath breezy coconut palms. Whether by the pool or at the restaurants, guests can indulge in spectacular views of the Arabian Sea, making it one of South India’s most pristine destinations. The retreat proudly offers ten dedicated Ayurveda Rooms, providing holistic treatments that seamlessly blend the best practices of Ayurveda.

The award-winning Niraamaya spa, recognized as one of the best 5-star luxury Ayurvedic heritage resorts in Kerala, promises to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Guests are guided on a personalized path to rejuvenation, and the 5-star luxury Ayurvedic resort in Kerala offers accommodations seamlessly combining traditional dwellings with modern living.
Kovalam, a serene fishing village, is enveloped by crescent beaches and swaying palm trees. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture, with opportunities for a private tour of the local fish market or a serene ride on the famed backwaters of Poovar.
Niraamaya Spa at the Kovalam retreat provides a harmonious space offering wellness experiences such as international and traditional Ayurvedic therapies, yoga, meditation, and pranayama. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture, from guided temple visits in Trivandrum to bathing elephants or leisurely meandering through the Poovar backwaters and Mangroves, leading to the mesmerizing Golden Sand Beach.
Committed to sustainability, active contributions are made to preserving the environment, natural resources, and local communities. Welcome to the world of Niraamaya Wellness Retreats, where belief lies in the transformative power of wellness. Retreats offer a holistic wellness experience, incorporating Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, meditation, and other healing practices, fostering inner harmony, physical well-being, and mental clarity.

At Niraamaya, a close-knit community of wellness seekers places a premium on personalized attention and care. Seasoned wellness experts are dedicated to helping guests achieve their wellness goals in a nurturing environment. Recognizing wellness as a journey, not a destination, the mission is to accompany every individual every step of the way.Built on five key brand pillars: Bespoke, Goodness, Nature-centric, Social Connectedness, and Sustainable, retreats prioritize personalized attention, natural and locally sourced products, harnessing nature's healing power, fostering human connection, and operating sustainably for a better future.
Please note that pets are not allowed on retreat premises. Standard check-in time is 2:00 pm, and checkout time is 12:00 pm. A convenient buggy service is offered for transportation within the retreat. However, due to terrain challenges, it is advised against differently-abled individuals booking with the retreat to avoid any inconvenience.

  •    Free Wifi In Common Areas
  •    Infinity Swimming Pool
  •    Full Fledged Gym
  •    Vegetarian Meals
  •    Non Vegetarian Restaurant
  •    A La Carte Restaurant
  •    Multi Cuisine Restaurant
  •    Kid Meals
  •    Sea View
  •    Beach View
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More about Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra

Cafe Samsara welcomes guests to begin their day with a delightful breakfast experience from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM. The retreat boasts two exceptional restaurants and a stylish bar, catering to a variety of culinary preferences. Operating from 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM, Cafe Samsara offers a diverse range of breakfast and world cuisine. Essence, specializing in Pan Asian and seafood grills, welcomes guests from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM. Meanwhile, Madira, the inviting bar, is open from 11 AM to 10:30 PM.

Niraamaya seamlessly blends Indian, Continental, and Asian flavors to create a unique culinary journey. Across all retreats, there is a dedication to recreating authentic regional gastronomic experiences. At Niraamaya Surya Samudra, priority is given to the use of fresh ingredients and aromatic spices, capturing the essence of regional flavors.

Indian cuisine, renowned for its rich taste, may have a hint of spice that can be adjusted to suit preferences. While chefs at Niraamaya ensure a balanced spice level, guests are encouraged to communicate their preferences for a personalized dining experience.

Vegetarian and vegan preferences are well accommodated at Niraamaya. Dedicated menus for vegetarian options are offered, and with advance notice, chefs are delighted to prepare vegan or gluten-free meals. Jain food is also available to cater to specific dietary requirements.

In India, a tropical haven abundant with a variety of fruits, efforts are made to serve seasonal and diverse options. From Mangoes and Bananas to Pineapple, Papaya, Melons, Passion Fruit, Guavas, Grapes, and Apples, the fruit platters at breakfast showcase the vibrant selection.

Prioritizing the freshness of offerings, the retreat steers away from conventional cold buffets, especially during breakfast, considering it the most important meal of the day. The gourmet à la carte breakfast is served in courses, allowing for open-ended add-ons, providing both variety and value to guests.

Indulge your children in a delightful array of activities during their stay at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Kovalam. From unleashing their creativity with clay art and sand art at the beach to getting hands-on experience with milking the cow and participating in baking classes for little chefs, there's a range of engaging pursuits. Embrace the traditional with coconut leaf craft, enjoy outdoor adventures with a bicycle ride, or opt for indoor entertainment with X-BOX, chess, carrom, and monopoly. Cap off the day with a cinematic treat during movie time. These activities ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for the little ones.

Elevate the dining experience at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Kovalam, with Dining By Design. Whether desiring an intimate candlelit dinner or a romantic barbecue by the bonfire, the team is prepared to surpass expectations. Dedicated chefs are delighted to surprise guests with simple yet unforgettable culinary creations. Choose from a selection that complements the magic of every moment, featuring a wide range of cuisines crafted from the freshest and finest ingredients. Pre-book online or at the retreat with the Resort Manager and Chef to enhance the dining experience. Note that this activity requires pre-booking, with slots subject to availability and weather conditions.

Embark on a culinary journey with Niraamaya Culinary Discovery at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, a Kovalam Beach Resort. Immerse in a cooking class that highlights the richness of local cuisine, offering a memorable experience for guests on vacation. Learn authentic traditional recipes passed down through generations, guided by skilled chefs. Delve into hands-on classes that teach the nuances of aromatic spices, herbs, and fresh ingredients unique to each Niraamaya destination. Choose from an afternoon of discovery to an advanced 7-day course, with pre-booking available online or at the retreat with the Head Chef.

Create unforgettable memories with Weddings By Design at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, a Luxury Resort in Kovalam. Whether it's a wedding or vow renewal, Niraamaya provides breathtaking locations and tailor-made packages. Choose from ceremonies with local rituals and decor or an elegant barefoot beach setting. The Wedding Planner offers discreet or opulent celebrations, paired with indulgent menus. For reservations at the Kovalam resort, inquire online, or if already staying, the Operations Manager will organize the special day.

Immerse in Trivandrum's rich history with Trivandrum Cultural Immersion at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, a Beach Retreat in Kovalam. Explore landmarks like Padmanabhaswamy Temple, stroll through a vibrant bazaar street, visit Kuthiramalika Palace, and, optionally, Sri Utharam thirunal Palace. Enjoy an authentic Sadhya Meal at Trivandrum's renowned "Mother's Veg Plaza" restaurant. Extend cultural immersion with a visit to Napier museum, housing rare artifacts and an art gallery. Conclude the enlightening day back at Niraamaya Retreats.

Experience the serenity of a Backwater Cruise & Beach Picnic at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, a Kovalam Beach Retreat. Cruise through the Poovar estuary, surrounded by coconut groves, leading to Golden Sand Beach. Enjoy a beach picnic with a specially prepared hamper while basking in the picturesque setting. Return through a pristine Mangrove Forest, creating a memorable day of leisure. Similarly, relish a Sparkling Sunset Cruise, with chilled sparkling wine and deluxe canapés, capturing the beauty of the sunset and mangrove-filled backwaters.

Explore the local culture with Fisherman’s Delight at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, a Kovalam Beach Retreat. Visit the fish market at Vizingjam harbour at 7 am with the celebrity Chef, witness fish auctions, and select the preferred fish. Enjoy a three-course dinner at the Kovalam beach resort with the freshest catch prepared as per preference.

Discover the charm of Kerala's countryside with "Explore A Village on Your Bicycle" at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, a Beach Retreat in Kerala. Pedal through meandering roads, observing local life in small hamlets, paddy fields, and fishing communities. Stop at local tea shops, explore bustling bazaars, and immerse in the diverse surroundings. Complimentary bike rentals add an adventurous touch to the exploration.

Indulge in an idyllic afternoon with "Tea by The Sea" at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, a Kovalam Retreat. Relax on a sun mattress and umbrella on Chandra Beach, accompanied by delectable nibbles and superior teas. Learn about the beach's origin and take in the serene surroundings. This activity requires pre-booking, with slots subject to availability and weather conditions.

Immerse in the vibrant culture with "Boutique at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra - A Kovalam Retreat." Browse through a curated selection of local crafts, statuettes, and exquisite fabrics at the resort. Support local South Indian artisans with an array of Channapatna toys and handmade wooden objects. Take home a souvenir or gift reflecting the rich culture of India.

Welcome to Surya Samudra, Kovalam, where the lush green landscape converges with the tranquil blue of the Arabian Sea in God's Own Country. Immerse oneself in the tranquility of this Ayurvedic heritage retreat, allowing the senses to awaken to the sounds of the wind and waves. Let the therapists weave their magic, restoring the body and mind to a state of bliss. Niraamaya invites guests to experience luxury and personalized holistic healing programs, tailored to individual health goals. The integrated approach, guided by Ayurvedic doctors, skilled therapists, yogis, and chefs, offers a safe and nurturing environment, resulting in award-winning programs for sustainable journeys towards healthier lifestyles. Experience the pinnacle of luxurious holistic healing at Niraamaya, where exceptional care and personalized attention redefine the journey to improved physical and mental well-being.
Niraamaya Retreats unveils a meticulously curated collection of luxurious private sanctuaries nestled in nature's embrace, gracing some of India and Seychelles' most enchanting locales. Each retreat promises a transformative odyssey, embodying the essence of exclusive hospitality and personalized wellness. The multi-award-winning Niraamaya Spa awaits, offering a repertoire of wellness therapies, including traditional Ayurveda and Yoga, to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Guests delve into the cultural legacy of the destination, savoring a gastronomic extravaganza that mirrors the region's magnificence. Infused with an unparalleled emphasis on spaciousness and privacy, the residences epitomize indulgence and comfort, reflecting the steadfast commitment to wellness.Ayurveda, a holistic healing system, transcends conventional disease-centric approaches, aiming to reinstate an individual's unique equilibrium. Niraamaya offers a sublime fusion of Ayurvedic therapies and luxurious hospitality, inviting guests to embark on an enriching wellness journey.Explore the pinnacle of wellness therapies, from Yoga and Mindful Living to Meditation at Niraamaya. The properties beckon guests to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, fostering moments of self-reflection and realization.

Niraamaya unfolds luxury and personalized holistic healing programs, finely tuned to individual health goals. The integrated approach focuses on the physical and mental aspects with the most significant impact on overall well-being. Guided by an adept team of Ayurvedic doctors, skilled therapists, yogis, and chefs, a secure and nurturing environment is created, culminating in award-winning programs that pave the way for sustainable journeys toward healthier lifestyles.
Embark on the epitome of luxurious holistic healing at Niraamaya, immersing oneself in a transformative wellness odyssey. The unwavering commitment to exceptional care and personalized attention establishes Niraamaya as the ultimate destination for those seeking to enhance physical and mental well-being.
Journey into a realm of authentic Ayurvedic traditions personalized to perfection. Each destination retreat unfolds as a voyage towards health and wellness.
The Niraamaya Spa, a haven of serenity, operates daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Panchakarma Program

Body Purification 

Relaxation And Rejuvenation 

Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra boasts a strong track record of positive customer feedback, reflecting the exceptional quality of its services and the satisfaction of its patrons. 

Packages Offered


# Offer Name Offer Percentage Booking Period Travel Period
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Rock Garden Rooms
$ 390.00

Experience the epitome of serenity at the Ayurveda retreat in Kovalam, where the Rock Garden Rooms await to envelop guests in a harmonious blend of tradition and modern luxury. Nestled amidst lush coconut groves, these thoughtfully designed accommodations offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Indulge in the unique pleasure of open-to-sky showers, where guests can bask in the warmth of the sun or marvel at the starlit sky while rejuvenating their senses. Each spacious room boasts outdoor sit-outs spanning between 600 to 700 square feet, providing ample space for relaxation and contemplation amidst nature's embrace. Whether seeking a peaceful solo retreat or a romantic getaway, the Rock Garden Rooms provide the perfect sanctuary to unwind and reconnect with oneself and the surroundings. Embrace the essence of Ayurveda in a setting where traditional charm meets modern comfort, promising guests an unforgettable escape into blissful tranquility.

550 sqft


Complimentary wireless internet 32" Flat screen TV

Mini bar

Coffee & Tea Maker


Bathroom Toiletries

Makeup mirror

Heritage Classic
$ 413.00

The Heritage Classic Rooms are Kerala-style elegant accommodations that open onto lush green gardens. The rooms have traditional Kerala architecture which reflects a history of about 100 years. They feature earthy interiors, serene natural surroundings along with open-to-sky rain showers. Embrace the classic architecture that is sure to pique your interest as you book your stay in these rooms at one of the finest beach resorts in Kovalam.


Complimentary wireless internet 32" Flat screen TVs


Premium toiletries

Mini bar

Coffee & Tea Maker

Make up mirror

Heritage Superior Cottage
$ 449.00

These Heritage cottages made in Kerala architecture with Partial Sea Views reflect an architectural style that is 300 years old. The cottages have open to sky showers and generous sit outs to appreciate the serene surroundings. These rooms at our beach resort in Kovalam offer traditional Kerala heritage accommodation with outdoor sit-outs ranging between 500-600 sq. ft. These resplendent cottages can accommodate 2 adults and up to 2 children below 6 years of age.

Bath garden with rain shower

Terracotta roofs Carved pillars Ornate doors


Mini bar

Coffee & Tea Maker

Makeup mirror

Partial sea views

Complimentary wireless internet 32" Flat screen TV

Premium toiletries


Heritage Premium Cottage
$ 485.00

These traditional yet luxurious, spacious, Kerala-style accommodations at our resort in Kovalam are designed with ornate doors, terracotta roofs, and carved pillars. They feature private sit-outs, open-to-sky rain showers. These rooms also feature accommodation with outdoor sit-outs ranging between 500-600 square feet. Experience refined luxury and comfort during your stay in these rooms at our beach resort in Kovalam.

500 sqft

Bath garden with rain shower

Terracotta roofs Carved pillars

Ornate doors

Unobtrusive sea views

Mini bar

Coffee & Tea Maker


Complimentary wireless internet 32" Flat screen TVs


Premium toilet

Banyan Tree Bungalow
$ 545.00

The Banyan Tree Bungalow is the perfect setting for honeymooners and romantic escapes. The bungalow features a private sit out, open-to-sky rain shower. The bungalow is a stand-alone structure with 1,100 sq. ft.. This spectacular bungalow at our resort in Kovalam can accommodate 2 people. Cherish a relaxed vacation as you revel in the services provided at our beach resort in Kovalam.

1,100 sq. ft

Private sit out

Open-to-sky rain shower

Private Garden

Premium toiletries

Complimentary wireless internet 32" Flat screen TV

Makeup mirror


Mini bar

Coffee & Tea Maker


$ 593.00

The Octagon is a spacious traditional stone house set in Kerala style architecture. It features a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea with private sun deck and open-to-sky baths with rain showers. These rooms at our resort in Kovalam have been assembled in the way master craftsmen have created homes for centuries. These traditional rooms are spacious with 900 sq. ft. of space. The room can easily accommodate up to 3 people. Experience a blissful stay at one of the best Ayurveda resorts in Kerala.

Panoramic view of the Arabian Sea Private sun deck

Open-to-sky baths with rain showers

Make up mirror

Mini bar

Coffee & Tea Maker


Premium toiletries

Complimentary wireless internet 32" Flat screen



Family Villa
$ 951.00

This Family Pool Villa is in a quieter part of the retreat. Ideal for a family of 4-6, it has ensuite bathrooms, a gracious living room, dining room, balcony, kitchenette with fridge, private library and a private plunge pool. The room also has a private space of 4400 square feet. Experience refined luxury in these villas at Kovalam beach resort. (SNGL- 3 pax & DBL 06 pax)

4400 sqft

Spacious accommodation

Living Room

Complimentary wireless internet

32" Flat screen TV

Bath Room


Climate Control


Electric Kettle

Private Pool

Private Space 

Customer Reviews

13 Ratings from our customers

Great Ayurvedic treatments. Extremely hygienic and very friendly staff. It is a bit costly,to give you an example, head, shoulders, body massage + steam bath
  • Overall Rating
  • 4

Great Ayurvedic treatments. Extremely hygienic and very friendly staff. It is a bit costly,to give you an example, head, shoulders, body massage + steam bath about 4300.- INR. At date of writings.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Sarah M.

Niramaaya: the escape my family needed from the hustle and bustle of some of Southern India's bigger cities! All of the staff was incredible, but a few deserve special mention. In particular, we want to thank Anupam, one of the resort's waiters, for his kind treatment and rapport with our little boy, who became a fast friend. Our son loved seeing Anupam at most of his meals. Anupam went above-and-beyond for us and made us feel incredibly welcome and special. Samson was also incredibly cordial with us, and we thank him too. Joseph, one of the security guards watching over guests on the beach, was also incredibly kind. My son was drawn to the heavy waves, and Joseph came over to hold his hand with me so that he could feel their pull (the only way to do it safely). Joseph managed to get himself soaked in the process, and we could not communicate much because of language barriers, but through hand gestures, smiles, laughter, and the few words we did share, we managed to have a great time. I feel remiss that I cannot remember all of the wonderful staff members' names, in particular, the woman at the front desk who played games with our son while we waited for taxis and the men who helped coordinate our taxis. The Ayurvedic spa treatments were very good, although be prepared for wooden tables and some tough scrubbing for some of them! The food at the restaurant was good, some dishes better than others, particularly the ones drawing more heavily on local food from Kerala. By far and away, breakfasts at the hotel were our absolute favorite meals. The buffet spread was incredible, a mix of local breakfast options, American/European style breakfast options and fresh local fruits and veggies. If something was not available, the kitchen would make it for you. I could live off of those breakfasts. Hotel highlightsLuxury · Great view · Romantic · Quiet · Kid-friendly · Great value RoomsRooms are lovely, and the views from all of them are quite good. The WIFI is not good. This is not a place to come if you need to work and stay connected. Nearby activitiesBe wary of which local activities you select and check them out online first. We went to an elephant sanctuary where the elephants were chained to trees and under pagodas, and the babies were separated from the mamas. This was not the "sanctuary" we expected. On the flip side, we enjoyed the backwater tours and the small beach we visited (although we skipped the camel rides because the camels are not indigenous to Kerala, and they are suffering in the heat there). We did visit a number of temples and churches - it's not for nothing that Kerala is called "the Land of the Gods." Note that if you're a seasoned yoga practitioner, the yoga at Niramaaya might be too basic for you. SafetyWe felt very safe at Niramaaya and also with the drivers they arranged for us. One caveat is that the waves and ocean currents are VERY strong. These are not beaches for children or for novice swimmers, and possibly not even for swimmers of moderate ability. Everyone local warned us to stay out of the ocean and far from the unpredictable waves at the water's edge. The net fisherman told us tales of rescuing visitors swept into the water by rogue waves on more than one occasion. That said, there were some visitors in the water in the morning at times between tides. Food & drinksAmazing restaurant staff. Great food, especially local food. Noteworthy detailsAmazing views, incredible staff, great spa treatments, awesome food. At night, the ocean skyline looks like there is a city in the distance due to all the fishing boats looking for an overnight catch! We loved watching the coconut man climb the coconut trees and knock down fresh coconuts for guests to drink and then eat! We also loved watching the net and spear fisherman each morning as they began their days. Those who are not strong swimmers must be careful on the beach with the waves and tides. Thankfully, on the resort's beach, they have a guard posted. The infinity pool is lovely during the daytime! It also makes for spectacular views and photo ops in the evening as the sun sets. But at that time it's not for the faint of heart, as it's not heated. Guests can arrange for romantic dinners in private spots throughout the resort - we saw couples doing this and it looked lovely. Note that there is a port being constructed on one side of the resort, which is on the restaurant side and may disrupt the impression of complete tranquility. But it's still a beautiful view and location.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Sushma Ajit Raj

Stay here can be called a luxury ayurvedic experience. Even the rooms here say the same. No negatives here
  • Overall Rating
  • 5

Nirvana @ Niraamaya This was ny second visit to Niraamaya. A few other guest I met wonder and asked me why i am visiting again. Three reasons 1. The beautiful view of vast Arabian sea. 2. The Ayurveda treatment 3. The peaceful serenity Starting with Bhavya. The booking manager who got everything arranged. And always on call ready to help whenever i needed any help. You are the best. Shout out to the GM Himadri Bhatt, she personally looks into each aspect of guests needs and does very best to provide as much comfort. Because of her dedication, empathy and diligence, her team seemed to reach its best potential. It was very evident that her leadership makes each team member better. I had a late check in, and because of that i booked basic room on my day of visit and rest 4 days in the heritage primium. To my surprise Niramaaya team has arranged for me to settle in my premium room from the very first day so that i dont face hassle of shifting. This was a great start of my stay. My mom had horrible rashes because of the summer heat, the ayurveda doctor Dr.Bejoy personally came to our room to check on her and helped with medicines and listened to her concerns. My Ayurveda treatment he arranged for fantastic four days session of relaxation and rejuvenation. I had severe backpain that I couldnt move but in 2 days of treatment 80% of the pain was gone by end of treatment i had no pain at all. It was a very short trip and my only regret is I couldnt spend more time. Next time I am planning for 10 days at minimum to soaking in the beauty of kerala and healing of Ayurveda and the balance of yoga with Teacher Unni. Teacher Unni is a wise man, with great insight on life, spirituality and enlightenment. He is a master of yoga, and his sessions are not only heal physically but also balance mentally. Yoga by the seaside is an experience i would highly recommend. Easter breakfast was so super fun with great kerala cuisines and puttu my new favorite. Shout out to both Chefs who personally took care of us. The elaborate presentation made us feel so special. Thanks to Jobin, Samsung, Nobin and Leo who cared so much for us. The entire team is just amazing and feels like a family. Shout out to Anupam who was on a vacation himself but coordinated over phone with Jobin and team, and got everything set for us. We missed seeing you Anupam but you and the team made us feel like home. Finally shout out to Niteesha, Neeruappam, Binu, Juliette and Shaijal at the housekeeping side. Probably the most important. Each member of said team did their extremely best and beyond when it came to take care of the room. I am a germophobe and i need my room clean , done to detail. Trust me when i say i would just want to steal these guys away lol. They are so understanding, helpful and dedicated towards their job that if one department i would give 100 on 10, its this one. Thank you so much team, you are the MVP of the entire stay. Special call out - the first day by the time i settle in the room and asked for a "goodnight" machine at midnight, these folks didnt blink but helped me with all my requirements. Finally the security was so diligent and aware of their duties of protecting us. Last thing - towards the beach shop keeper Paru Anil has incredible dresses, which he and his wife makes. They are artistic, trustworthy and great human beings. If you havent bought a dress from him, the trip wont be concluded. Pack light and buy colorful magic at his beachside biotique.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5

Our stay was delightful at the Niraamaya Resorts. Accompanied by a friend, we loved the kind and thoughtful hospitality of the resort for each of their guests. It felt like a home away from home. The cottage we stayed in had a magnificent ocean view, and the soothing sounds of the waves transcended into the cottage, making it quite Serene. We had a pleasurable dining experience. Some dishes were curated according to our dietary preferences and were quite delicious. The yoga sessions by yoga master Unni were genuinely relaxing and refreshing. The Ayurveda Spa, with its experienced doctors and massage therapists, was therapeutic. I would undoubtedly recommend Niraamaya to anyone looking to unwind and have a rejuvenating, tranquil experience!
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.8

Nestled in breathtaking surroundings, with sweeping views of the sea and an unspoiled beach, the hotel serves as a sanctuary for tired travellers. It offers an authentic Keralite encounter. Our stay was marked by serenity and calmness. Seated on the porch of our Heritage Premium Cottage, it was just us and the natural world. The staff embodied the warmth, hospitality, and generosity characteristic of the people of Kerala. We enjoyed great comfort in our expansive cottage, complete with a generous four-poster bed and an outdoor shower. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the ever-smiling Santhosh for diligently maintaining its cleanliness. On the occasion of our wedding anniversary, he surprised us with a lovely towel display featuring two swans and a heart on our bed. The alfresco restaurant delighted our taste buds with authentic Kerala cuisine, richly spiced and incredibly flavourful. The ever-attentive guest service staff, including Swamy, Sujata, Ani, Anupam, and Ani K, served us in the restaurant, all supervised by the ever-smiling Restaurant Manager, Jobin. On our Anniversary, we were pleasantly surprised during dinner when we were led to a special poolside table. There, we enjoyed a delicious grilled Mahi Mahi fish dish, skilfully prepared by Executive Chef Saju, accompanied by a crisp and refreshing white wine. These delightful moments have etched lovely memories in our hearts. And so to Unni, experienced yoga teacher. He generously devoted his time to providing me with personalised one-on-one lessons. Unfortunately, I could not attend his complimentary group class on a clifftop promontory at 7am, due to my much-needed sleep. These individual sessions proved immensely beneficial, especially considering my four-year hiatus from yoga practise. Unni thoughtfully tailored the lessons to gently restore my mobility and flexibility. His embodiment of care, compassion, and love resonates with the spirit of the Kerala people that we encountered at the hotel. I eagerly await the opportunity to join his online classes soon! Last, but not least, the Ayurveda Spa was truly the cherry on the cake during our wellness holiday. My husband and I had an in-depth consultation with Spa Manager Dr. Bejoy Mathew. His advice on weight loss was refreshingly simple yet highly effective: count calories and take a brisk 40-minute walk daily on a flat surface. If walking isn’t feasible, a treadmill will suffice. We’ve diligently followed his dietary recommendations since returning home. Moreover, I indulged in two wonderful full-body Ayurveda massages and received skilled treatment for my joints from Heema. This experience met all my criteria for a rejuvenating and revitalizing getaway. We had the pleasure of meeting the charming General Manager, Ms. Himadri Bhatt, who showed great concern for our well-being. On our final morning, she led a tree-planting ceremony. I found it delightful to imagine that in the years ahead, somewhere in the picturesque landscape of ‘Gods own country’ there stands a tree named, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’, growing tall and resilient. This gesture also aligned with my commitment to environmental consciousness. Thank you Niraamaya for a wonderful holiday and some lasting memories.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Mathias M

The Staff is amazing, very friendly & accomodating, the smile and their welcoming attitude is their signature. The Facility is well maintained an kept very properly. The view and the location on the shore are unique and very relaxing. The Treatments under guidance of Doc Bejoy are great. Also here, the terapists do an amazing job. The Restauration is very versatile and high quality, the ayurveda diet is very tasty and varied. Local Foods are great and a real event. The Yoga and Meditation sessions are on a level everybody is capable of. The Activities can be selected individually, the staff is careful for your wishes and well organized. The Resort in general is very accomodating and very well lead. Thank you!
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.8

The retreat is exceptionally beautiful, one can feel the instant calmness not only in the beauty of the property but in all the staff associated. We had such a relaxing holiday , starting with the energising yoga by the beach, courtesy yoga guru Mr.Unni. The most delicious Kerala food made by Chefs Prakash and Sajju’s team. The Ayurveda team by Dr.Bijoy. And above all the leader Miss.Himadri , making sure everyone is looked after with their needs. All the best to the team and looking forward to many more holidays.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5

This was our third visit to Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra Kovalam, we were there between October 5-7 – and it was just as much a pleasure as always! From the spectacular location to the well-designed Kerala Heritage cottages reflecting centuries old architectural style, to the awesome food at the Café Samsara – all wonderful memories adding to the experiences from earlier visits. The location of this resort is simply unbeatable, with unbroken views of the Arabian Sea to their wonderful open air Yoga Pavilion (doing yoga early morning and in the open sea air is a sublime experience!), the infinity pool overlooking the sea, their wonderful ayurveda spa and of course the food at the Café! While a number of folks worked behind the scenes to enable a memorable experience, the ones that stood out are Chef Prakash (truly more than the Culinary Director – the hand behind the resort!), Samson, Anupam, Siva and Chef Saju from the Café, Tushar from the front desk, Praveen and Nubin from Housekeeping, and Unnikrishnan – the Yoga Guru – who made our yoga sessions so enjoyable and relaxing. The Café team welcomes us with a surprise dessert platter on our first evening there, and we had another spectacular send-off with our last meal before we left – thank you, Anupam, Samson, Chef Prakash and Chef Saju and team Café Samsara! A surprise connection was formed with the Security Guard at the entrance to the beach – Joseph – who was keeping a keen eye out on what we were upto, and warning us in advance when the big waves were going to hit the shore (there is a technique to identifying it by observing the dip in the sea surface a few metres out into the sea). Joseph also turned out to be a good performer and we were treated to an impromptu recital of an old Malayalam poem! Thank you Niraamaya for another wonderful break, and here’s to the next one in the planning.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Meenakshi C

We went in a group of 8-2 familes. The rooms given to us werent wheelchair friendly. So many stairs and is dangerous in the night time with kids. Heritage classics are rooms created in a corner forgotten. In the night its so scary to go as the pathway is so dark. The service is really slow. The bar is not operational and no drinks are available at the restaurant. Only lassi and coffee. Wasnt calming at all. With all the walking and climbing to HEritage classics it was a rather tiring experience. Wouldnt recommend it to anyone.
Secret Guest

The resort is in a desperate need of a renovation. It’s so pitch dark you feel unsafe at many pathways . We were there during the long weekend of Aug . This place becomes so scary during rains . I had a lot trouble communicating with the team as they were only able to follow local language . The view of this place as claimed of ocean is partially correct . As you see a huge mammoth construction in full swing that’s very noisy . The beach is not maintained . It was super humid and this place doesn’t have an air conditioned space to sit and relax . The restaurant not Temperature controlled ,having lunch is bit messy on a humid day , the area is so small that it can hardly accommodate 20 people . The pool is made in a rock but not maintained , black algae all over , broken showers , semi private changing rooms that aren’t maintained . The bar is too small and not air conditioned just two tables , could you believe it ? . Only advisable in winters . Relai n chateau should take a note of this and recommend travel appropriately.
  • Overall Rating
  • 1
Marc R

The hotel is a member of Relais & Chateaux and is, or rather was, one of the best hotels in the world. Depending on the bungalow, this costs between €300 and €500 per day, which is a fortune in India. The first thing that strikes those arriving is the view of the new industrial port, which feels like it is only 300 m away. You don't usually associate this with swimming in the sea. The pictures on the website and in the brochure are from 2019 and there is no port. The complex is located in a beautiful palm grove, the bungalows were once high quality, but now the ravages of time are taking their toll and the repairs to the leaky roofs consist of blue plastic tarpaulins. The electrics are typically Indian, the outside sockets are mostly broken and exposed to the rain. Our roof doesn't have a tarpaulin yet, but it only rains in when it's windy. The bed linen is full of holes, torn and stained. Since we have already been on a tour of India, we are used to this, albeit for a tenth of the price. When the sun is shining, the complex is beautiful and the lack of renovation is less of an issue. The pool takes some getting used to as the water is greenish and cloudy. However, the Ayurveda doctor sees no health risk when swimming. A highlight is the restaurant with good food, fair prices and very friendly staff. In general, the staff is always friendly, even if not always competent. As the power went out in our open-air bathroom and the problem could not be solved even after two hours of searching, we had to temporarily change bungalows. Unfortunately, they did not fix the broken drain at the same time. That's not so bad as the water seeps away somewhere. So the hotel kept us on our toes during our 9-day stay. As we did not know what Relais & Chateux meant, we were not as disappointed as others who paid €15,000 for their 3-week Ayurveda stay. The "best SPA" in India in 2015 was also not convincing. The male therapist was still in training, but this did not have a positive effect on the price. We were surprised that the beautiful complex was being left to decay until we found out from a guest's research that the newly inaugurated port, which is still being expanded - and the construction noise is partly competing with the very loud surf - will be the largest port in India. This also explains the 230km long construction site from Kochi to the port. Since the ongoing expansion of the port will also affect the beach and the hotel grounds, we are no longer surprised by the management's behavior. Fair enough, but not for these prices and without informing the guests. The daily morning yoga at 7 a.m. with the open and friendly yoga master gave us the inner peace to be able to deal better with the external circumstances. We are most sorry about this development for the friendly staff, who will lose their jobs in the foreseeable future, and for the numerous eagles who will be driven away.
  • Overall Rating
  • 2

Location & Map

Kovalam Kovalam Beach, in Kerala, features beautiful palm-backed beaches, a lighthouse, and cultural attractions, making it a renowned destination.

Sree Krishna Temple, Pulinkudy

Nearby Attractions
Veli Tourist Village
Located just 12 km from Thiruvananthapuram, Veli Tourist Village offers a serene escape at the confluence of Veli Lake and the Arabian Sea, perfect for picnics and boating.

Poovar Island
At the southern tip of Thiruvananthapuram, offers boat rides to mangrove forests, an elephant-shaped rock, golden sand beaches, and a floating restaurant.

Vizhinjam Lighthouse
Vizhinjam Lighthouse is near Kovalam Beach, Kerala, stands as the town's tallest lighthouse, guiding seafarers since 1972.

Padmanabhapuram Palace
Padmanabhapuram Palace, a 16th-century marvel in Thuckalay, Kerala, showcases indigenous Kerala architecture.
Road Connectivity
Kovalam -Pulinkudy JN : 600 MTR

Railway Connectivity
Balaramapuram Railway Station : 10.5 KM

Airway Connectivity
Trivandrum International Airport : 26 KM

Terms & Conditions

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in: 2:00 PM         Check-out: 12:00 PM

  • Program Details

    The Ayurvedic Treatment Packages include Consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor and daily check-ups and Accommodation.

    Accommodation with all meals, an Ayurveda program, and complimentary experiences during your stay

    Pre-Arrival Guidelines

    You are requested to produce the following information along with health declaration form:

  • Recent medical history for each guest
  • Recent lab reports, if any
  • Valid ID and address proof
  • Carry breathable and flexible clothes for Yoga
  • ID Card Type

  • Indian nationals are requested to provide photo-identity proof in the form of a driver’s license, voter’s ID or passport. This is mandatory for completing the registration process at the time of check-in
  • Foreign nationals are requested to produce their passport with a valid entry visa. For those on employment or permanent residence, passports must include a residential permit
  • Child Policy

    Children are allowed

    Pet Policy

    Pets are not allowed in the retreat

    Visitors Policy

    Right to admission of visitors into the retreat premises and guest areas remain solely with the management

    Alcohol Policy

    Alcohol, smoking and tobacco chewing is not permitted during your Ayurveda program

Cancellation Policy

During Peak season (18th December - 9th January): No refund

Non Peak time

1st October - 18th December;10th January - 15th April: 25% refund if cancelled 45 days prior; no refund afterwards

16th April - 30th September: 25% refund if cancelled 21 days prior, No refund afterwards

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