Chandra School of Yoga
Chandra School of Yoga
Premium Yoga Center
India / Kerala / Varkala

Why choose Chandra school of yoga ? We set the school up with the sole intent of not just providing you an international yoga alliance certificate , where you are entitled to teach yoga around the world which is approved and authorised by the yoga alliance international , based out of Arlington – Virginia, in the United States. But to give the complete awareness about yourself and your approach towards the fellow humane and all other living creatures to live in a harmony -against the fear of losing your identity in a competitive world, and eradicate things we carry from the past. Trust us – its good to let go of things and be a true optimist and by being one – you can be the change, which is constant . Another reason to be here with us : we don’t just teach you asanas and breathing techniques here, for you to simply say I’ve got a 200 hours yoga teacher certificate . we’re just aiding you to find yourself who you really wanna be to be and whom you don’t ! Hence you can spread awareness to your society for tolerance and acceptance in evry aspects for the better living of mental and physical health To enhance your intensity, we’re only taking 14 students / course , so all stay together and evolve to being the best of all together and get to know each other well to give yourself better composure ! The next very best reason to choose us – we can proudly say that we’re located on the very best location in Varkala cliff beach , right next to the helipad , yet tucked inside a beautiful magnificent garden with utmost care to it . There’s a saying in India , to feel the vibe of the house visit their plants and trees and its birds and animals and how its being treated ! Walk in to – La Mirban a place for greateful hearts to gather in hatha yoga with positive vibe for your soul right at the edge on the beginning of northcliff, Varkala beach .

  •    Towels
  •    Bed sheets
  •    Soap
  •    Toilet paper
  •    Wifi
  •    Shampoo
  •    Closet/drawers
  •    Desk/Workspace
  •    First aid kit
Service offered
  •   Yoga and meditation
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Dr Chandra Kumar
Dr.Chandra Kumar BNYS, MSc(PSY), PGDFM is a well known practitioner in Naturopathy and Yogic Science with more than 14 years of experience.

He started his career after graduation in Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science from Tamil Nadu Medical College of Naturopathy and yogic Science, Salem under Dr.M.G.R Medical University, Chennai in 2004. He also attained PG Diploma in Fitness Management in 2005 under Bharathiar University Coimbatore and a Masters Degree in Psychology under Annamalai University Chidambaram in 2009. He also done E-RYT 200, 300 RYS.


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Unhindered flow of cool air through all rooms and a the beautiful natural surroundings, clean and attractive rooms suitable for leisure travellers
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Location & Map


Kunnuvilla Bhagavathi Temple

Nearby Attractions
Varkala Beach
Road Connectivity
Varkala kallambalam Jn 300 Mtr

Railway Connectivity
Varkala Railway Station 2.9 KM

Airway Connectivity
Trivandrum International Airport 42.7 KM

Terms & Conditions


  • 200$ must be paid in advance to confirm your bookings are non refundable and the remaining balance of the TTC payments must be made on the day of admission to the yoga school.
  • During the course a vegetarian diet is to be followed to experience an holistic and Ayurvedic lifestyle..
  • TTC students are to understand the results of the training programme cannot be guaranteed and your progress depends on your efforts during, in and outside the class. Individual results can vary from person to person.
  • Alcohol, drugs and smoking not allowed.
  • Please discuss about health condition if any to your teachers.
  • Be punctual. Arrive 5 mins before the class time.
  • No talking on dining table. We encourage to practice “Mauna”.
  • No internal talking in the class.
  • Entering in the kitchen is prohibited.
  • Going to beach after sunset isn’t allowed.
  • Going out of school after 10 p.m. isn’t allowed.
  • Outsiders aren’t allowed in the student room.
  • Be respectful to all the teachers and staff.
  • Misconduct of rules mentioned above will be strictly dealt with and could amount of disqualification.


  • All students should create and maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the practice of yoga. As a part of Karma Yoga in the Shala, you will be assigned karma yoga duty with your colleagues to:
  • Sweep/Mop every morning and whenever is necessary.
  • Make sure all the mats/props/cushions/blocks/belts are in their assigned place and neatly organized.
  • Make sure the common toilet of the shala is clean and ready for others to use, turn off the lights and fan when not using them.
  • Turn off all fans/lights/mosquito repellents when not using the shala’s premises.
  • Do not leave any of your belongings (books/mats/manuals/bags/swimsuits/towels/water bottles/etc) on the school’s premises.
  • Do not leave any trash in the shala (water bottles/plastic wraps/tissue paper/plastic bags, etc).
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation not allowed for current booking

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