Chamundi Hill Palace Ayurvedic Centre
Chamundi Hill Palace Ayurvedic Centre
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Kerala Ayurveda Treatments
Kerala Ayurveda for harmony of body, mind and soul

Sprouted in the pristine land of India some 5000 years ago, Ayurveda, the science of life and longevity, is the oldest healthcare system in the world and it combines the profound thoughts of medicine and philosophy. Since then Ayurveda has stood for the wholesome physical, mental and spiritual growth of humanity around the world. Today, it's a unique, indispensable branch of medicine, a complete naturalistic system that depends on the diagnosis of your body's humours - vata, pitta and kapha - to achieve the right balance.

Kerala, the Land of Ayurveda
Kerala ayurveda possesses an unbroken tradition that has surpassed the many invasions and intrusions both foreign and native. For hundreds of years the Ayurveda Vaidyas (traditional practitioners of Ayurveda) were almost the only access for people seeking healing from every kind of disease in Kerala. The legendary eight families of Vaidyas (Ashta vaidyas) and their successors treated the entire state for centuries. Unlike the other Indian states the status of Ayurveda in Kerala is not alternative but mainstream. In fact, today, Kerala is the only State in India which practices this system of medicine with absolute dedication.

Being the only resort of treatment for the people, the Vaidyars of Kerala were challenged to interpret the theories of Ayurveda and adapt them actively into effective healing systems in everyday life. Thus almost all the contemporary procedures and protocols of Ayurveda have evolved in and around Kerala.
The Boons of Nature
Its equable climate, natural abundance of forests and the cool monsoon season are best suited for Ayurveda's curative and restorative packages. Kerala is perhaps one of the few places on earth where a temperature of 24-28 degrees is maintained during a period of continuous rain. This prevalence of moisture in the air and on the surface of the skin makes it the ideal place for natural medicines to work at their highest levels of potency. The land is also blessed with innumerous medicinal plants and provides the continuity and consistency of Ayurveda medicines needed for effective treatment procedures. The same herbs with the same potency are available year after year across every season. The rich alkaloid content of the soil enhances the intensity and potency of many Ayurvedic medicines when compared to places with different soil constitution.
The Advantages of Ayurveda in Kerala
Ashtangahridayam, the practical, user friendly interpretation of Ayurveda, compiled by the great Vagbata is seldom used anywhere in the world as it is extensively done in Kerala. The Vaidyars of Kerala are proficient in this most contemporary treatise of Ayurveda which many scholars consider an advancement over the earlier samhitas of Charaka and Sushruta, the pioneers of Ayurveda. It is in Kerala that Kashaya Chikitsa (treatment with concoction) has become a standardised protocol involving hundreds of Kashayams that were scientifically classified and organised according to various treatment needs. Keralite Vaidyars where the first to focus on the anti oxidant properties of Abayangam leading to the profusion of kizhis. The largest number of Ayurveda colleges and the largest number of practitioners in comparison to any place in the world has led to a tradition of Ayurveda research in a scientific manner in Kerala.
Ayurveda as a lifestyle
Spices, vegetables, fruits etc are from our own organic farm and making kerala dishes for our guest with garden fresh iteams and also we have 5 cows and making milk and milk products( ghee,curd, paneer etc).

In Kerala Ayurveda is not just a healthcare system but it is a part and parcel of every aspect of life, in fact it is a lifestyle in Kerala so to speak. The miracles like paralysed people walk, incurable diseases cured etc. that happen even today inspires respect and awe for the vaidyars of Kerala.

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Standard Room
$ 19.00

Rooms are spacious and comfortable, with private bathrooms.
Rooms having Fan, drinking water, Bath towels, tissues etc.

Cottage Rooms
$ 21.00

Rooms are spacious and comfortable, with private bathrooms.
Rooms having Fan, drinking water, Bath towels, tissues etc.

Room With Balcony
$ 23.00

Rooms are spacious and comfortable, with private bathrooms.
Rooms having Fan, drinking water, Bath towels, tissues etc.


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Terms & Conditions

Pick up (minimum 7 nights stay) and drop(minimum of 14 days) at Cochin airport or 100 km, accommodation, all tax, all food ( Ayurveda – organic Kerala dishes),daily doctor consultation, daily two treatments with two therapist, internal medicine during the treatment period, daily two yoga and meditation class - no class on Sunday, free laundry, meditation and chanting once in a week at 8pm ,100 years of temple visit, organic spices, veg., and fruits garden visit and rubber plantation visit.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation is permitted only if it is made before 30 days prior to the date of arrival. If not, the full amount of reservation will be charged.

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