Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat

Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat
Premium Resort
India / Kerala / Kovalam

Nestled in nature’s embrace with a captivating view of the Arabian Sea, Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat beckons guests to experience profound comfort and rejuvenation through the time-honored tradition of Ayurveda. This eco-friendly haven features well-appointed rooms, personalized treatments crafted by Ayurvedic experts, and transformative sessions in yoga and meditation. Aimed at nurturing the body, mind, and soul, the retreat transcends the ordinary, offering not just accommodation but a true home. Meticulous attention to detail meets Indian hospitality, ensuring guests are the focal point of their retreat. Whether seeking self-discovery, pure enjoyment, or holistic rejuvenation, Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat invites visitors to find their sanctuary. Welcome home. The retreat is proudly owned by M/s AnandaniketanAyur Resorts Pvt. Ltd. As partners with reputable business houses in Europe, roots run deep in a commitment to excellence.

For packages extending beyond 7 days, enjoy complimentary pick-up and drop-off services from Trivandrum International Airport. Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat accepts payments in Euro, Dollar, and Indian Currency, providing the convenience of currency exchange on-site. Embrace a hassle-free stay with the acceptance of major credit cards, including Visa and Master, making the experience at the retreat seamless and delightful.

  •    Free Wifi In Common Areas
  •    Wheel Chair Assistance
  •    Smoking Free Zone
  •    Alcohol Free Zone
  •    Airport Transfers
  •    Swimming Pool
  •    Garden
  •    Sea View
  •    Outdoor Restaurant
  •    Outdoor Yoga Area
  •    Free Wifi
  •    Kitchen
  •    Basic Ayurveda Toiletries
  •    Full Time Ayurvedic Doctor

More about Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat

Nestled within a bamboo plantation, Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat boasts an elegant, open-space restaurant, where the enchanting sea breeze meets lush greenery. Indulge in a delectable à la carte menu featuring special Ayurvedic cuisine personalized to guests based on the doctor's advice and Ayurveda packages. Offering Indian and Mediterranean-style Ayurvedic dishes, including traditional Kerala thali meals, our kitchen prioritizes premium, hand-picked, organic ingredients and purified water. 

At Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat, maintain a strictly alcohol and smoke-free environment, creating a space for holistic well-being. Enjoy the finest dining amid a picturesque bamboo plantation, relishing a nutritious spread with a mesmerizing sea view. The restaurant presents an array of organic dining options, showcasing both Indian and Mediterranean delicacies. 

Guided by Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat integrates principles of daily and seasonal regimes and dietary patterns throughout life's stages. Emphasizing the pivotal role of food in Ayurveda,  kitchen aligns with eight major aspects, including qualitative characteristics, processing, combination, quantity, habitat, time and seasonal variation, rules of dieting, and the individual's constitution. 

Functioning as a holistic pharmacy, Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat's kitchen provides preventive and curative dishes. During treatments, savor Antioxidant Salads, Immunity Boosting Juice, and Energizing Soups, crafted mainly with organic vegetables and fruits, void of preservatives. Committed to doctors' advice, the use of natural and organic ingredients aims to enhance immunity and digestion, complementing Ayurveda treatments. 

Regular inclusion of spices and herbs such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, curry leaves, mustard seed, asafoetida, dry ginger, black pepper, shallots, lemon, and green gram fortifies the body's immunity. Herbal drinking water, infused with dried ginger, coriander, tulsi leaves, and vetiver (ramacham), further supports improved digestion. Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat's culinary offerings are a testament to commitment to Ayurvedic principles, fostering overall well-being and a healthy lifestyle. 

Individually furnished, Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat's rooms and suites boast dark, rich surfaces and luxurious fabrics, providing a lavish retreat. The bathrooms are equipped with hot water supply, herbal shampoo, and soap, with fresh towels changed daily. Maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional service, Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat stands as one of the finest Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala. 

Experience the marvels of Ayurveda in Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat's nine Sea-facing Deluxe Villas or five Deluxe Rooms, each offering a splendid sea view from the hill. The treatments and rejuvenation programs are meticulously tailored for each individual, ensuring a comfortable and cozy atmosphere at the retreat. Utilizing the best Ayurvedic oils, medicines, and modern treatment facilities, Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat prioritizes hygiene and guest satisfaction. Deluxe rooms, with or without a sea view, guarantee a quiet and relaxing stay, complete with ceiling fans and mosquito-protected nets. 

Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat's elegant, nutshell-shaped swimming pool, visible from your room, complements the breathtaking sea view. Indulge in the open, roofless shower, foot wash, and a luxurious jacuzzi for a rejuvenating experience. 

Just a 10-minute drive away, the serene Chowara beach awaits your visit, offered on selected days of the week. The experienced staff ensures a memorable experience by the shore. 

Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat provides a range of facilities, including a 24-hour front desk, security, money exchange, free Wi-Fi, laundry, and a fully backed-up generator. Special complementary facilities are available for groups, along with guidance on local trips, cultural events, and cooking classes. Additional facilities can be arranged upon request at an extra cost. Engage in special classes for yoga and meditation, explore local attractions, or enjoy a special dinner on the sea-view deck. From Mehandi and astrology to beauty care packages, Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat caters to diverse interests. 

Stay connected with free Wi-Fi available in all rooms, the restaurant, and the reception area, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your stay. Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat remains dedicated to providing a holistic and enriching experience for valued guests 


Embark on a transformative journey at Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat, where the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda meets modern well-being. The holistic approach begins with an internal purification process, personalized diet plans, herbal remedies, rejuvenating massages, yoga, and meditation. Guided by qualified Ayurveda doctors and therapists, Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat caters to individual needs, addressing concerns like Obesity, Stress, Spondylitis, Skin care, Hypertension, Migraine, and more. 

Ayurveda, deeply rooted in Indian Philosophy, sees individuals as integral parts of Mother Nature. The balance of three Doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—is crucial for optimal health. Vata governs movement and emotions, Pitta regulates digestion and high-end emotions, and Kapha influences the body's structure and immune system. At Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat, the priority is this balance for overall well-being. 

The retreat boasts two full-time Ayurveda doctors and experienced male and female therapists. Daily yoga and meditation classes on a scenic wooden deck overlooking the Arabian Sea enhance inner peace. Full board packages include accommodation, treatment, doctor-prescribed food, medicines, and yoga. Enjoy daily consultations, airport services, high-speed internet, money exchange, and optional sightseeing, ensuring a seamless and enriching wellness experience. 

Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat—where timeless traditions meet simplicity and well-being 

Panchakarma Program 

Body Purification 

Relaxation And Rejuvenation 

Stress Management 

Discover excellence at Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat through noteworthy awards and recognitions. Recognized as a Tripadvisor Traveller's Choice in 2020, experiences at the retreat stand out globally, offering top-notch travel experiences. Kerala Travel Mart has brought together business leaders and entrepreneurs, showcasing the unmatched tourism products and services of Kerala. 

Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat is proud to be a government-approved Ayurveda center, ensuring the highest standards of quality and authenticity in offerings. The India 5000 Best MSME Award 2017 nomination phase acknowledged significant contributions, showcasing a commitment to excellence. The retreat has also received the Excellence Award for Ayurvedic health care and hospitality. 

These accolades affirm the dedication of Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat to providing exceptional Ayurvedic experiences, making it a distinguished choice for those seeking the best in health and wellness 

Packages Offered

14 Nights Cervical Spondylitis Treatment Program

Spondylitis is an arthritic condition which leads to pain and inflammation of the joints of thebackbone. Other than aging there are many other factors like excess of strain on back...

Starting Rate: $ 2430

21 Nights Cervical Spondylitis Treatment Program

Spondylitis is an arthritic condition which leads to pain and inflammation of the joints of thebackbone. Other than aging there are many other factors like excess of strain on back...

Starting Rate: $ 3645

28 Nights Cervical Spondylitis Treatment Program

Spondylitis is an arthritic condition which leads to pain and inflammation of the joints of thebackbone. Other than aging there are many other factors like excess of strain on back...

Starting Rate: $ 4859


# Offer Name Offer Percentage Booking Period Travel Period
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Baiju MS
Chief Physician


Priyendu IP


Walk-Through Video


Deluxe Room
$ 5,423.00

The Deluxe Rooms at Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat offer a harmonious blend of comfort and convenience. Guests have the option to choose rooms with or without a mesmerizing sea view, catering to individual preferences. Enjoy the indulgence of herbal shampoo and soap provided for a refreshing bathing experience. Expect the luxury of fresh towels and bed linen changed daily, ensuring a clean and comfortable ambiance throughout your stay. Modern amenities including hot water facilities, ceiling fans for climate control, and ultrasonic mosquito repellents are available to enhance your comfort. Relax and rejuvenate in these Deluxe Rooms, designed to offer a serene and comfortable retreat at Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat.

Room Service

Charging Points





Hot & Cold Water

Deluxe Villa
$ 8,135.00

The Deluxe Villa at Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat is a haven of tranquility, offering a seamless blend of comfort and natural beauty. Step into a space adorned with spacious balconies that reveal breathtaking sea views, inviting you to unwind and soak in the serenity. Delight in the lush front gardens equipped with hammocks, perfect for leisurely moments surrounded by nature's embrace. Experience a refreshing bathing ritual with complimentary herbal shampoo and soap. Modern amenities such as hot water facilities and ceiling fans ensure comfort in any weather. Your stay includes daily changed fresh towels and bed linen, maintaining a clean and pleasant environment. For added convenience, ultrasonic mosquito repellents are provided, ensuring a peaceful and uninterrupted rest. Indulge in the Deluxe Villa's charm, offering contemporary comforts amidst a serene natural backdrop, for a truly rejuvenating stay at Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat.

Room Service

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Hot & Cold Water


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Wellness Service




Customer Reviews

13 Ratings from our customers
Wojtek Domański

It was, without any doubt, a very relaxing and healthy time! The resort has a very individual approach toward guests: treatments, diet, doctor's consultancy - it is a big advantage of Ananda Lakshmi unlike other big and more commercial resorts in Kerala. We stayed in the air-conditioned villa but not all of them are having this facility. The resort is having an organic garden and planting own vegetables, fruits, and spices which are turn into very delicious dishes created by the high-class chef. What is more, we had a unique opportunity to attend a cooking class which helps to continue a healthy cousin after coming back home. Resort's manager is available for his guest and did his best to make our stay interesting. He organized for us backwater trip, elephant place, and tuk-tuk any time we need it. Joga lessons were more than very good - it was the best hatha yoga, pranayama, and meditation ever! We couldn't be more lucky with our teacher. Also, the rest of the staff: waitresses, receptionists, doctors, therapists, cleaning service - they all are there for you smiling and willing to help. We highly recommend this resort this is a great place to relax during treatments, in the swimming pool and become more healthy.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Sabrina Delise

Wonderful experience of "true" ayurveda! Treatments, yoga, ayurvedic cuisine, following ancient principles leading to harmony. Caring and professional staff. Lovely location with seesight. Very clean and cozy.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Wanda Kruszynska

Love it!!! Paradise on the Earth. Wonderful place to recharge and rejuvenate and completely soak in bliss.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Martina Argast

Wir waren dort für zwei Wochen für ein Ayurveda Treatment. Das Hotel ist klein, das haben wir bewusst so ausgesucht. Die Lage ist auf einer Klippe, ruhig, mit Blick auf das Meer und die Palmen. Die Zimmer in den Bungalows sind sehr gross und schön mit Balkon oder Terasse. Mit Blick auf Palmen bzw. ganz vorne mit Meerblick. Die Zimmer im Haupthaus, haben kein Balkon. Der Garten war sehr liebevoll gestaltet und gepflegt, klein aber fein mit Pool. Die Treatments waren hervorragend. Man hat sich viel Zeit für uns genommen. Es wurde auch auf Wünsche eingegangen. Extra erwähnen möchte ich meine beiden Therapeutinnen, Suja und Anitha. Ich habe mich immer sehr wohl gefühlt und die beiden haben es sehr gut gemacht. Vom Housekeeping über die Therapeuten, das Küchenpersonal ect. sind alle sehr freundlich, es fühlt sich an, wie nach Hause kommen. Das Essen war sehr lecker und abwechslungsreich. Auch hier möchte ich den F&B Manager Ajid loben, er ist so viel mehr als das. Sehr freundlich und souverän bzw. zuvorkommend, man konnte Ihn alles fragen und er hat alles gemanagt bzw. organisiert. Ein wirklich top Mitarbeiter, war immer sofort zur Stelle und hat mitgedacht. Es gab jeden Morgen Yoga. Hier ist die die Yogahalle sehr speziell gebaut, mit Blick auf das Meer und eine tolle Atmosphäre. Ich hatte noch nie so einen guten Yogalehrer, er ist auf jeden einzelnen eingegangen. Ich kann dieses Resort sehr empfehlen. Wer es gerne ruhig und familiär hat, ist dort genau richtig.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Melissa Sacco

Un’esperienza unica uni staff sempre presente molto attento alle esigenze della clientela
  • Overall Rating
  • 5

  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Irena Kulesza

Dla mnie to egzotyka. Super pobyt. Polecam. Mam nadzieję że wrócę tam za rok. Pozdrawiam serdecznie wszystkich pracowników Ananda Lakshmi.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5
Simonetta A

It was an amazing experience. I was in paradise for two weeks. The owners and the staff were friendly and very professional. I ate very well and they were very attentive to my intolerances. Every day the medical doctor checked me before the treatment. I’ll come back.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5

A small, atmospheric Ayurvedic medicine center. I've been coming here since 2013. This was my 7th time. Medical care at the highest level. Qualified therapists (special thanks to Anita). Great staff, but more importantly, wonderful people, always smiling and ready to help. They've been the same for years. A perfect place for people who want to be born again. Mentally and physically. I feel like family here. I highly recommend it.
  • Overall Rating
  • 5

What a special place, made so by the excellent team at Ananda Lakshmi! We were delighted with the results of our 2 week panchakarma retreat. The food is excellent, therapists are very professional and personable, yoga excellent, and the clifftop location tranquil is a nature trove surrounded by soaring eagles and abundant wildlife especially butterflies. Many thanks to John and all the team, looking forward to seeing you again.
  • Overall Rating
  • 4.9

We had a great time @anandalakshmi. The staffs were very courteous , the rooms were very clean and spotless. Overall the setting of the place calms your mind and aesthetically pleasing. The place and the rooms looked exactly as shown in their website. Staffs were very accommodative and provided us an extra cot(not a rollaway mattress) as we were a family of 4. It is located on a cliff, the view from the resort is such a treat to the eyes. It is a bit on the expensive side, we could negotiate as it was their off peak season. The food was very tasty and they made arrangements to give us our coffee early. The chef Mr Vijesh and team never made us wait. Mr Alex quickly responded. The location is little tricky and if you are driving on your own, you will need little patience. Without GPS we would have not reached the place. It is about 40mins from Trivandrum. We drove from Coimbatore, so it was very tiring. For a true Kerala experience and if you don't mind the little tiring journey, it's worth a visit.
  • Overall Rating
  • 4

It really is such a shame that this place is managed so poorly as the actual resort is beautiful. I booked two months in advance through Book Yoga Retreats. 'The owner' Gianni emailed me to offer the rate of £670 for 8 full days yoga and Ayurvedic treatments and 2 days B+B. I paid £335 as 50% deposit and told I would pay the other £335 on arrival. When I arrived 499 euros were in fact charged to my card and I was told I had only been booked in for 7 days treatment plan. I forward the email confirmation Gianni sent clearly stating 8 full days, but he informed the manager (who showed me the email) 'if she wants more she can pay! I honestly have never experienced such a rude and horrific Customer service in my life. All Gianni cares about is taking your money! After four days of arguing by email and threatening to write to the Keralan tourist board the original package offered was honoured. This was not how I envisioned my first four days at a relaxing retreat! Book YogaRetreats were extremely unhelpful despite the fact that the special discounted package was still being advertised. All the tourist trip prices were also wrong and I ended up paying twice the price for the elephant trip. The treatments were very good and the therapists well trained and attentive. The cleaning staff were also very good. The food was amazing but the waiting staff were a joke, with the exception of one called Shafik who was excellent but he was only there for a few days.They have clearly employed teenagers as they are cheaper than trained staff, once the food was served they sat down on the computer or on their phones, leaving us to fend for ourselves. I would come down in the morning for yoga and our dirty dinner table had been left all night not cleaned with plates and food on the table. I asked for a juice in the afternoon and the next afternoon the dirty glass was still on the table! On our last night though they were very attentive expecting a tip! Also as there were only two of us staying at the retreat I was constantly being told I could not have the food I requested as I was only one person. This is also not the place for you if you are a light sleeper as it is located in a very noisy neighbourhood, next door there is a dog that barks from 12pm to 4am every night, then as it is a farm there are workers cutting down coconuts, blasting music and shouting to each other from 4.30am along with the cockerel crowing! Not exactly relaxing! Kerala is a beautiful place and I will be coming back, but definitely not to Isis. I imagine this place was once a nice place but it has no heart and soul. I recommend the beach resort 10 minutes away which is right on the beach and has a much higher standard of service it's called Manaltheeram.
  • Overall Rating
  • 2

The property was lovely, food delicious, restaurant/housekeeping/grounds staff super friendly. I was in a second floor villa with a great view of the pool and the Arabian Sea...paradise!! BUT I was less than pleased with the Ayurvedic treatments and staff. The doctor said that my eczema would be totally cleared up and that I would lose three kilos during my one week visit—incredibly ambitious, in my opinion! And guess what...I still have eczema! I didn’t lose weight! It was ridiculous of him to make such lofty promises. Also, while my therapist was very nice, she was not very good at following the directions that the doctors and I gave (the doctor admitted afterwards that this was his fault—he agreed that I needed deep tissue work, and that I didn’t get it). I’d hoped to have a relaxing experience, but instead left feeling agitated. Overall, I’m glad I had the experience...but perhaps my expectations were too high (didn’t help that the doctor put them there!) Would recommend, but only if you don’t expect good massages (very light touch, mostly just rubbing/pouring oil on you for 2.5 hours).

Location & Map

Chowara Chowara Beach, located in the scenic Thiruvananthapuram, is a hidden gem known for its serene fishing spots. This pristine beach is a favorite spot for picnickers, offering a tranquil getaway. For an even more breathtaking view of the beach, visit the nearby Chowara Ayyappa Temple, perched on a pristine hilltop. Visitors also have the option to explore the nearby Azhimalathara Beach. Interestingly, even during the Monsoon season, the sea gently laps at the shore, preserving the beach's beauty. Chowara, a charming village situated approximately 10 km south of Kovalam, boasts lush coconut groves and the lovely Chowara Beach, making it a must-visit destination in Trivandrum. Discover the wonders of Chowara Beach.

Chowara Shri Dharma Shastha Temple

Nearby Attractions
Veli Tourist Village

Located just 12 km from Thiruvananthapuram, Veli Tourist Village offers a serene escape at the confluence of Veli Lake and the Arabian Sea, perfect for picnics and boating.

Poovar Island

At the southern tip of Thiruvananthapuram, offers boat rides to mangrove forests, an elephant-shaped rock, golden sand beaches, and a floating restaurant.

Vizhinjam Lighthouse

Vizhinjam Lighthouse is near Kovalam Beach, Kerala, stands as the town's tallest lighthouse, guiding seafarers since 1972.

Padmanabhapuram Palace

Padmanabhapuram Palace, a 16th-century marvel in Thuckalay, Kerala, showcases indigenous Kerala architecture.
Road Connectivity
Vizhinjam Beach : 6 KM

Railway Connectivity
Neyyattinkara Raiway station : 13 KM

Airway Connectivity
Trivandrum international airport International Airport : 25 KM

Terms & Conditions

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in: 12:00 PM         Check-out: 12:00 PM

Program Details

The Ayurvedic Treatment Packages include :Consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor and daily check up and Accommodation.

Accommodation with all meals, Ayurveda program and complimentary experiences during your stay

Pre-Arrival Guidelines

You are requested to produce the following information along with health declaration form:

  • Recent medical history for each guest
  • Recent lab reports, if any
  • Valid ID and address proof
  • Carry breathable and flexible clothes for Yoga

ID Card Type

  • Indian nationals are requested to provide photo-identity proof in the form of a driver’s license, voter’s ID or passport. This is mandatory for completing the registration process at the time of check-in
  • Foreign nationals are requested to produce their passport with a valid entry visa. For those on employment or permanent residence, passports must include a residential permit

Child Policy

Children are allowed

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed in the retreat

Visitors Policy

Right to admission of visitors into the retreat premises and guest areas remain solely with the management

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is not permitted during your Ayurveda program and is strictly prohibited across the Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat premises

Cancellation Policy

Before 45 Days prior to the check in date, No Cancellation Fee

Between 30 to 45 Days prior to the check in date, 25% will be charged.

Between 15 to 30 Days prior to the check in date, 50% will be charged.

If cancelled with in 15 Days prior to the check in date / NO SHOWS, 100% will be charged


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