Kalari Rasayana / 7 Nights Manasanthi - Anti-Stress Treatments

Kalari Rasayana / 7 Nights Manasanthi - Anti-Stress Treatments
Luxury Ayurveda Hospital
India / Kerala / Kollam

Nestled in the heart of Paravoor village in picturesque Southern Kerala, Kalari Rasayana stands as an oasis of tranquility and healing. Surrounded by lush coconut groves and the serene embrace of backwaters, this NABH accredited Ayurveda Treatment Centre and Hospital offers an enchanting escape into nature's embrace.

Spread across 8 acres of verdant coconut grove land, Kalari Rasayana boasts 22 meticulously designed rooms equipped with modern amenities. Additionally, its clinic comprises 11 treatment rooms, ensuring guests receive personalized care in a serene environment conducive to healing. Step into the sanctuary of Kalari Rasayana and immerse yourself in the rhythmic dance of nature's elements. From the golden glow of sunlight illuminating the vibrant gardens to the soothing melody of raindrops cascading onto the backwaters, every moment here is a symphony of serenity. As you gaze upon the tranquil waters of the Paravur backwaters, observe the daily rituals of fishermen and the playful antics of colorful avian visitors. Let the harmonious blend of sights and sounds wash away the stresses of urban life, leaving you rejuvenated and revitalized.

  •    Smoking Free Zone
  •    Ayurvedic Dosha Meals
  •    Vegetarian Meals
  •    NABH
  •    Garden
  •    Full Time Ayurvedic Doctor

More about Kalari Rasayana

Experience dining at Kalari Rasayana as a journey of mindful nourishment, meticulously crafted to harmonize with the principles of Ayurveda. The dining schedule ensures a balanced approach to meal times, allowing guests to savor each bite with intention and gratitude.

From 07:00 am to 09:00 am, indulge in a wholesome breakfast, carefully prepared to fuel the body for the day ahead. Delight in a variety of nourishing dishes that cater to individual Dosha and elemental balance.

At 12:30 pm, guests can join for a rejuvenating lunch experience, where flavors blend seamlessly to support well-being. The menu is thoughtfully curated to provide sustenance and satisfaction, promoting harmony within the body and mind.

From 04:00 pm to 05:00 pm, indulge in a refreshing juice break, recommended by doctors to replenish energy levels and rejuvenate the senses.

As evening descends, guests are invited to dinner from 06:30 pm to 07:30 pm, where culinary offerings embrace the essence of Ayurveda. Savor each bite mindfully, allowing the nourishing qualities of organic and fresh ingredients to nurture the body and soul.

At Kalari Rasayana, dining is more than just sustenance; it is a celebration of holistic wellness and mindful living. Join us as we embark on a culinary journey that honors the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and nourishes the entire being with every flavorful bite.

Kalari Rasayana offers a serene retreat amidst the lush greenery of Southern Kerala's Paravoor village. Nestled in nature's embrace, this NABH accredited hospital provides a tranquil haven for healing and rejuvenation. With Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, and meditation amidst picturesque backwaters and coconut groves, guests experience a harmonious blend of traditional therapies and natural beauty. The living spaces, comprising 22 modern rooms and 11 treatment rooms, provide a nurturing environment conducive to relaxation and well-being.

Kalari Rasayana offers a haven for holistic healing, addressing a diverse array of ailments ranging from diabetes management to mental health concerns. The dedicated team of Vaidyas provides personalized treatments and rejuvenating detox processes tailored to revitalize both body and spirit. Guests can delight in the culinary creations crafted by the chef, made from locally sourced, organic ingredients bursting with flavor and health benefits.

The sanctuary welcomes residents aged 15 and above, with special attention given to adolescents aged 15 to 18 under the guidance of Ayurveda doctors. Treatment durations vary based on individual conditions, with personalized assessments facilitated through preliminary forms filled by patients.

For comfort, three sets of complimentary fine cotton pyjama suits are provided, allowing guests to pack light for their stay. It's essential to bring along personal toiletries, medical reports, and medications for consultation with the doctors.

Step into the tranquil living spaces, meticulously designed to envelop guests in comfort and tranquility, fostering an ambiance of warmth and well-being. Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Ayurveda amidst the soothing embrace of nature's whispers. With NABH accreditation, Kalari Rasayana offers an enchanting escape into nature's embrace, ensuring personalized care in a serene healing environment with 11 treatment rooms.

Rejuvenation Program

Body Purification Program

Stress Management

Weight Management

Ayurveda Immunity Boosting

7 Nights Manasanthi - Anti-Stress Treatments
  • Description

    Though often ignored, mental health is a significant part of overall wellness. Given the many factors that induce stress in fast-paced urban city life, the Kalari Rasayana De-Stress Programme is designed to provide a calming experience to reduce stress. Through a combination of therapeutic Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, meditation, and lifestyle-reforming activities, an integrated approach to mental health promises to restore health and tranquillity, both physically and emotionally.

  • Daily Schedule

    A Session Of Therapeutic Yoga (Post Purgation) 05:45 AM06:30 AM
    A Session Of Therapeutic Yoga (Pre- Purgation) 06:45 AM07:30 AM
    Breakfast 07:00 AM09:00 AM
    Consultation / Treatment 8:00 AM11:00 AM
    Yoga Nidra 11:30 AM12:15 AM
    Lunch 12:30 PM01:30 PM
    Treatment 01:30 PM04:00 PM
    Juice (As Per The Doctor’s Suggestion) 04:00 PM05:00 PM
    Karma Yoga Session: Feeding The Fishes In The Pond. 04:30 PM04:45 PM
    Yoga Pranayama Meditation 05:00 PM05:45 PM
    Dinner 06:30 PM07:30 PM
    There Would Be Some Programme In The Form Of Discourse On Yoga/ayurveda, Chanting, Candle Light Meditation And Classical Musical/ Dance Etc. These Sessions Are Known As Satsangs. 07:30 PM08:30 PM
    *: Please note that this is a general outline. Programmes will be offered based on an expert Ayurvedic physician’s assessment of the guest and clinical conditions. Specifics may vary from case to case.

  • Major Benefits

    During the first stage, the body is prepared for removing toxins through Snehanam- internal and external oleation, followed by Swedanam -therapeutic sweating. Once the body is prepared, the doctor will determine the cleansing or panchakrma treatment based on each individual’s body constitution and medical condition. These two stages of treatment will ensure that the imbalances in the doshas (body constitution) are stabilized. The third and final stage of treatment is Samana or Paschatkarma where the body is slowly brought out of the intense cleansing and elimination stage by giving corrective medicines and moderate therapeutic treatments, appropriate diet and yoga aasanas to correct and rejuvenate the body.

  • Starting Rate

    $ 4,031.00

  • Duration

    90  Minutes per day

  • Number of Days

    8  Days

  • Languages

    English, Malayalam

  • Food

    Embark on a transformative culinary journey at Kalari Rasayana, where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness practices to provide a holistic dining experience. The commitment is rooted in Ayurveda's core principles, tailoring dietary plans to individual body constitutions (Dosha), preferences, and overall well-being. The extensive menu caters to vegetarian options, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience. Under the expert guidance of the Ayurvedic doctor, menus and meal timings are thoughtfully curated to align with unique needs.


  • Accommodation
  • Full-board Ayurveda meals
  • Daily 2 sessions Ayurveda treatments
  • All charges include the cost of Doctors’ consultations
  • All Ayurveda treatments including therapeutic massages and steam treatments
  • All herbal medicines administered at the hospital for external use and internal consumption
  • Prescribed diet
  • Yoga consultation
  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Garments provided for use at the hospital
  • All applicable taxes.


  • Telephone
  • Laundry
  • Trips
  • Lab test (if advised)
  • Medicines to be taken home


Rasayana Suites
$ 576.00

Spread over 8 acres of coconut grove land, Kalari Rasayana offers 22 rooms. The living space at Kalari Rasayana complements the healing process with its nurturing and warm environment and an unobtrusive, quiet adherence to discipline.

Well-equipped with modern amenities

Water Front Rasayana Suites
$ 678.00

Welcome to the Water Front Rasayana Suites at Kalari Rasayana, where luxury meets tranquility amidst the stunning backdrop of the backwaters. Each suite offers panoramic views of the serene waters, providing a peaceful escape from everyday life. Indulge in spacious comfort and tasteful decor, with modern amenities ensuring a relaxing stay. Wake up to the gentle sounds of nature and enjoy breathtaking views from your private balcony or veranda. Pamper yourself in the luxurious en-suite bathroom and unwind in the serene ambiance of your private oasis. These suites offer the perfect blend of comfort and natural beauty for an unforgettable stay.

Well-equipped with modern amenities


WellnessLoka Rating

Location & Map

Kurumandal, Perumpuzha, South Paravur

Government U.P School Kurumandal

Nearby Attractions
Ithikkara River

Kollam Beach

Thangassery Light House

Thirumullavaram Beach

Jatayu Earth's Centre
Road Connectivity
Kurumandal Government U.P School Jn 700 M

Railway Connectivity
Kollam Junction- 18 KM

Airway Connectivity
Trivandrum International Airport- 55 KM

Terms & Conditions

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in: 8:00 AM         Check-out: 8:00 AM

Safety & Hygiene
Kalari Rasayana follows the highest safety & hygiene standards. 

Cost Inclusions 

All charges include the cost of Doctors’ consultations, all Ayurveda treatments including therapeutic massages and steam treatments, all herbal medicines administered at the hospital for external use and internal consumption, prescribed diet, Yoga consultation, Yoga and meditation sessions, accommodation, garments provided for use at the hospital, airport pick-up and drop and all applicable taxes.

Airport Pick-up and Drop

Your pick-up and drop from Trivandrum airport is included in the cost. Kalari Rasayana is approximately 1.5 hours away from the airport. For those sharing a double room, if the arrival and departure timing varies for each person, only one vehicle will be offered and the second vehicle will be charged extra. Please note that, on the date of admission, to start with the formalities of Registration, orientation, having the first consultation and being able to avail of the first-morning treatment; the patients should arrive at the centre before 10 am. In the event that their arrival flight timings are later in the day and they cannot be at the centre before or latest by 10 am, they would not be able to undergo any of the above procedures. In such cases, we recommend they come in a day earlier and stay in Trivandrum and proceed to the centre early the next morning. Safety & Hygiene Kalari Rasayana follows the highest safety & hygiene standards. CostInclusions All charges include the cost of Doctors’ consultations, all Ayurveda treatments including therapeutic massages and steam treatments, all herbal medicines administered at the hospital for external use and internal consumption, prescribed diet, Yoga consultation, Yoga and meditation sessions, accommodation, garments provided for use at the hospital, airport pick-up and drop and all applicable taxes.

Confirmation of the treatment is done by making a 50% advance payment and the balance payment may be made any time before your arrival at Kalari Rasayana – The Ayurveda Hospital.


Admission / Discharge time : 08.00 Hrs


Packing List for Kalari Rasayana

At Kalari Rasayana, everyone is provided with three sets of complimentary fine
cotton Pyjama suits for their use.
If you do not intend to travel elsewhere other than to Kalari Rasayana, you need
not carry many clothes, so pack light.
Do carry a light shawl, scarf and cotton socks, as the evenings can get cold.
Bring along a set of personal toiletries.
Carry your medical reports and medications for prior consultation with the Doctor
at Kalari Rasayana.
You may carry a pair of sunglasses and a hat, if required.
As per Government Regulations, we request you to carry a valid Passport and Visa.
Indian nationals can present any one of the following: Passport, Driving License,
Voter ID or Aadhaar card.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund if cancelled 30 days in advance.


50% refund if cancelled 21 days in advance.


Zero refund if cancelled less than 20 days.

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