Water, is the elixir of life. Can you imagine a life without water? No doubt, earth would have been devoid of life. Let us see what Ayurveda says about water.

In Ashtanga Hrdaya, the water is classified according to the source.

The best type of water is rain water and that water which is exposed to sun and wind.

Dushta Jala or Contaminated Water:- In Ayurveda, it is strictly advised that a person should not consume contaminated water. If the water appears dirty, mixed with slush, algae, weeds or leaves, if not exposed to sunlight and wind, if it appears to be frothy, thick, heavy, or if there are worms or spiders, then the water is said to be contaminated.

River Water:- The water from Himalayan rivers was said to be the purest river water. Since the water gets churned up as it gets churned up while flowing from the mountains, it is said to be good for health. It is also said that water from certain regions can cure certain conditions.

The Ayurveda also discusses about well water.

Ayurveda also mentions the benefits of drinking water while having food. It is said that:-

  • If a person drinks water in the end of his or her meals, then the person’s body will be nourished or stout.
  • If a person drinks water in the beginning of his or her meals, then the person’s body will get emaciated.
  • If a person drinks water in the middle of his or her meals, then the person’s body will remain the same or normal.

The Ayurveda also discusses about the benefits of drinking hot water and cold water:-


  • Hot Water:- Drinking hot water helps increase hunger and digestion. It helps to cure throat conditions, flatulence, cough, cold, dyspnoea etc.
  • Cold Water:- Drinking cold water helps in decreasing exhaustion, debility, thirst, heat of sun etc.


Coconut Water

Coconut water/ tender coconut water is sweet in taste and easily digestible. It is a coolant that relieves taste and is good for urinary problems.

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