According to Ayurveda, each and every individual’s body constitution is decided by the predominant dosha in them. The predominance of doshas is determined during the fertilization. Many factors influence this.

  • Whichever dosha is predominant in the ovum and sperm helps to form the body constitution.
  • The food that is taken by the mother during the pregnancy also has a great influence in this.
  • The behaviour of the mother during pregnancy and the emotions during the time period also affects a lot.
  • The nature of the uterus, even the season also determines the prakrithi of an individual.

There are mainly seven types of prakrithi or body constitution, according to the combination of doshas.

  1. Vataja:- This constitution is formed from the predominance of Vata.
  2. Pittaja:- The predominance of Pitta makes this constitution.
  3. Kaphaja:- Kapha’s predominance helps in the formation of this constitution.
  4. Vata Pittaja:- Vata and Pitta combines to form this body constitution.
  5. Vata Kaphaja:- When Kapha along with Vata become predominant, they forms this constitution.
  6. Pitta Kaphaja:- Pitta and Kapha constitutes this prakrtri.
  7. Tridoshaja:- When all the three doshas are predominant, they constitute tridoshaja prakrithi

A person’s appearance, nature, character, hair, body, strength, span, health etc. are all influenced by the prakrithi of the person. A physician can help you to assess your prakrithi.

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